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Pattaya is a place unlike any other, and it always makes an impression. Whether it's the Thai culture, the nightlife, the climate, the cheap prices, or the warm friendly people, there is something here that leaves visitors with a longing to return. If Thailand is the land of smiles, this place has to be the land of great big grinning smiles! Those great big grinning smiles are yours, of course, and with good reason... Pattaya will make you feel like a superstar.

Pattaya Guide; the main sections of the website

Pattaya Nightlife Attractions:

The Nightlife - if you are thinking about coming here, you must be aware that the nightlife here is world famous for being a LOT of fun! This section gives full details of the main nightspots in the city and where to find them. Be aware that your options on where to go for a night out are very generous. You have lots of choices depending on what sort of night out you are looking for and there is plenty available for people of all ages. Pattaya is a very cosmopolitan city and you’ll see people here from all over the world.

The Girls - there are an estimated 30,000 bar-girls working in sin-city and they can be extremely charming! If you can't find a lady in Pattaya with whom you can have lots of fun then you may as well give up on fun with girls altogether! There are some serious risks here; you may well have so much fun that you don’t want to leave. There are girls in the beer-bars, gogo bars, nightclubs (and pretty much everywhere else) who will want to spend some quality time with you; this section will prepare you for that.

The Ladyboys Thailand is unique in the world with regard to its tolerance for sexual preference and, within Thailand, this place really stands out for its relaxed attitude about such things. If you are curious about ladyboys and would like to know more about them, this section of my website will let you know all that you need. You’ll find out how to approach them, how they think, what sort of men they are attracted to and where to find the best locations in the city for meeting them.

Pattaya Daytime stuff to do:

The Beaches - there's a misunderstanding about the quality of the beaches here. It is true that the main beach along the bay is not great for peaceful sunbathing but, a very short distance away, there are plenty of quality beaches to be found. Whether you like secluded beaches or long sandy beaches with sports activities and so on, you have plenty to choose from. This section looks at the best beaches within a 20 minute trip of the city centre and what each of them has to offer.

Thai Massage Options Thai massage options come in many different types and for many different parts of your body. Some of the massage types that are readily available are of an 'adult' nature and are referred to as happy ending massages! You might be forgiven for thinking that all massage I sin-city is of this nature but you’d be wrong; Thais love massage for its own sake many Thai ladies have at least some skill in giving massage. If you want to really unwind, there are some good options to consider.


Hotels - it is easy to pay far too much for hotel accommodation if you are not careful. Don't waste your money... use this section to find my recommendations and reviews of hotels as well as the very best prices around. You can save quite a lot of money here and the more that you save, the more that you’ll have available for spending on the fun stuff. Not that the hotels themselves are not fun, some of them have excellent facilities for enjoying yourself by the pool, the sauna, gym and so on.

Property For my investment advice about real estate opportunities you should read this section. Of all the sections on this website, this is the one that I have poured the most academic research into. I am a graduate of economics and I’ve used that background to put together a seven-part series about successful investing. It should not be any surprise that a booming economy in a fast developing economy like Thailand’s comes with serious profit-making potential, click here for my thoughts on that.


Thai Dating - online dating has become a mainstream means of making first contact with Thai ladies these days and it is a good option if you want to find a Thai lady for a lasting relationship. If you are making contact from a distance, online dating is your only real option. This section will help you to avoid the less scrupulous online ladies and uncover the genuine ladies. It also includes some ‘dating culture’ advice that should help you to build a successful long-term relationship.

Living in Pattaya if you have dreamed about getting away from the rat-race once and for all and heading off into the sun, where on earth could be better to set up a new home than in Pattaya? It is a genuine option for a good life and it is one that requires very little money to put into practise. For information about living costs, visa requirements, healthcare, Thai culture and expat life in general, have a good read of this section to get an idea of what your life could be.

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Some Extra Information about Pattaya

Many first-time visitors to Thailand become frequent visitors, and many frequent visitors become expats and choose living in Thailand as their preferred option. Thailand has many wonderful places to visit, but this place stands alone as the party town capital. Many expats in Thailand either choose it either as their hometown or the place that they regularly head off to to get some quality rest and recuperation!

I have myself, followed that path from first-time visitor to frequent visitor to expat living in Thailand. I have chosen Pattaya as my hometown having visited most of the tourist destinations throughout Thailand. I still return back to my home country from time to time, but I find that I miss the place less and less, Pattaya is home for me now.

Throughout the website, the information on the pages is based on my own experience of Pattaya and that of a small number of friends. Collectively we have many years experience of Thailand, but that does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Much of the information is opinionated, I don't want to offend anyone, so apologies if you see something you don't like or agree with.

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