Girly Bars; Thailand Vs Europe

I’m aware that the 'Girly Bars' page title of this report is a little suggestive of some sort of competition between Thailand and Europe. I’m also aware that anyone who is familiar with my website might reasonably assume that my views are biased in favour of Thailand. It’s a fair point so I’ll start off by declaring my end conclusion up front….. I think it’s a draw. Neither is better; both offer an outstanding but different experience. Your own preferences will depend on which of the factors described below are more important to you.

Both options have their plus points and there negative points and comparing one with another is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. That said, if you are considering a vacation in either location, you’ll probably want an idea of what to expect from one compared to the other – that’s where this report comes in.

It’s much easier to compare the girly bars in Pattaya to other areas in Thailand, rather than Europe, but that would be cheating. Let’s just accept that Pattaya wins that contest hands down due to being much cheaper, on a much larger scale, and more fun than anywhere else in Thailand. For that reason, I’m going to use Pattaya as my Thai representative city.

Europe is far more varied than Thailand in terms of the nightlife…., and just about everything else for that matter! Since this is a short report rather than a ten-volume encyclopaedic reference set, I’m going to need a representative city for Europe. I’m choosing Prague since it is a city that I’m familiar with. There really are several other European contenders though… Amsterdam being the obvious choice, but I personally think that Prague is a better option primarily due to the significantly lower cost (Czech beer is excellent too, and it’s really cheap!!!).

Comparisons of European and Thai Girly Bars

Europe (Prague) Advantages:

  • The biggest advantage that you get with Prague is the beauty of the girls…. they are absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I’ve heard lots of long-term Pattaya residents commenting on how beautiful they think that the Russian ladies working in Pattaya are; let me tell you now, those ladies have not decided to try their luck in Pattaya because they had too much custom in higher-paying cities in the West! Truly beautiful Russian working-girls tend to work in Russia or in East-Europe. Compared to the working-girls in Prague, I’ve never seen a white working-girl in Pattaya that comes close in terms of physical beauty. The girls in Prague are true stunners in this regard.
  • Proximity is another advantage if you are a European. A short-haul flight to Prague can be had for a fraction of the price of a long-haul flight to Pattaya and, as well as the cost saving, it makes weekend breaks an option since you won’t be in the air for too long. Obviously, this advantage doesn’t work if you are not resident in Europe.
  • Drinks are better in Prague. In Pattaya bars you have less choice of draught beers and will usually opt for a bottle. Czech beer is renowned for its quality. Spirits in Pattaya are a non-starter because there is a good chance that whatever you order will be watered down, you don’t have that problem in Prague.
  • Safety from scammers is an advantage if you are prone to falling in love! It may sound difficult to believe if you’ve never been to Pattaya, but lots of men fall completely in love with the wrong sort of women and end up paying a huge financial and emotional price. This is not going to happen with anyone you meet in Prague girly bars, relationships here are much more commercial!

Thailand (Pattaya) Advantages

  • A huge advantage in Pattaya, which relates to the last advantage in Prague, is the all important relationship that you can build with the girls. In Prague you are a customer plain and simple. In Pattaya, you’ll have no difficulty finding a girl that wants a long-term relationship, and that means lot’s more fun provided that you don’t let things go too far and fall in love!
  • The fun factor is another big one. Due to the huge cultural differences between the West and Thailand, you’re guaranteed to find yourself chuckling at the way every-day things are done in Thailand.
  • In Pattaya, you’ll end up feeling like a superstar…. it’s an illusion of course, you don’t really look like Brad Pitt! It doesn’t matter, you’ll be in fantasy land and you’ll just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Girly Bar Conclusions

I think I’ll leave it at that; I could continue but comparisons become increasingly subjective the more you continue. The big take home points are that:

  • If you want a short break with the company of girls that are amongst the most beautiful in the world, Prague is your best bet.
  • If you want to get away somewhere for a few weeks and have a proper holiday romance or two, Pattaya is the place to be.

I know I’ve mentioned it on other pages, but it’s worth stating again. If you are intending to get into some sort of long-term relationship with a lady in Thailand, online dating is a better option than the bars for finding the good girls. My recommendation for a top quality, reliable dating site is

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