Pattaya Beaches; find the good ones

Pattaya beaches have got something of a bad reputation, and I think that it is fair to say that Pattaya is not the best option for a vacation for those tourists that are looking for powdery white sands, seclusion, and quiet rest. Pattaya has always been the favoured destination for tourists that want unrivalled nightlife and endless stuff to do. On the other hand, whilst the nightlife action might be the main selling point, most people like to rest up a little during the day before heading out into the night.

The good news is that there are several excellent quality beaches on Pattaya's doorstep if you know where to look. This section will review all those within a 20 minute trip! If you want to stay at one of Pattaya's best hotels along the main beachfront, here are my top recommendations:

Dusit Thani Hotel - expensive
The Hilton Hotel - very expensive
Siam Bayshore - medium priced

Pattaya Beaches; Measurement Criteria

The main beach has got three distinct areas, north, central and south. Added to that, there is Jomtien beach, Wong Amat beach, Naklua beach and a total of nine beaches on the nearby islands of Koh Larn, Koh Sak and Koh Krok. To judge all the different beach options, I've come up with a number of categories for comparison.

  • Sand quality; some beaches have beautiful white powdery sand, others are a little more grainy. The depth/narrowness of the beaches also varies.
  • Cleanliness; each of the beaches have different levels of dirt, rubbish and pollution.
  • Hassle factor; this is a big one. On some beaches you don't get a moment's peace from the various sales people.
  • Entertainment; this includes access to jet ski's, banana boat, para-sailing, restaurants etc.
  • Beauty and scenic aspect; most offer beautiful sunsets or sunrises. Some are more picturesque than others.
  • Ease of access; some are a little harder to get to than others, but most are very close.
  • Privacy and seclusion; if you want to get away from the crowd, some beaches are much better for this than others.
  • Safety; from dangerous waste such as broken glass, to lifeguard watches to potential muggers.

Pattaya Beaches; the options

Below are brief descriptions of each of the beaches in Pattaya along with a link to a page with more information:

Main Beach North; This part of the main beach is my favourite part. It is the quietest part of the bay and has fewer sales people. It is also a little cleaner than the other parts of the beach.

Main Beach Central; the central part of the beach is ok for a quick visit, but you can forget about getting any peace and quiet. Salesmen are everywhere! It is still a good place to see the sunset though.

Main Beach South; the southern part of the beach is best avoided in my view. Being closer to Walking Street it attracts more beach girls, the rubbish left behind from their activities is not something you want to sit near!

Jomtien Beach; this is a good alternative to the main beach during daylight hours. Jomtien is more of a family destination than Pattaya and the beach is cleaner and quieter. I'd be a little more nervous there by night though - the lack of other people makes it more attractive to muggers!

Naklua Beach; this is an excellent option and highly recommended if you want to relax. There is a good restaurant, sun loungers as well as deck chairs, and it is a smaller, cleaner beach than most.

Wong Amat Beach; one of my top mainland recommendation for those people that just want quiet uninterrupted relaxation. It is located very close to Pattaya beach, just to the north. It is a good family option.

Koh Larn, Nual & Samae Beaches; getting away from the mainland Pattaya beaches, there is a very cheap ferry that can take you to a few island destinations. The largest of these is Koh Larn. It has lots of different beaches that are ideal for those that like to explore. The beaches vary by size and popularity, so most people will be able to find at least one that they like. This report looks at Nual beach and Samae beach.

Koh Larn, Ta Waen & Thong Lang Beaches; in this second halh of my review of Koh Larn I've written about some really beautiful beaches. You can get powdery white sand beaches here.

Cosy Beach Pattaya; my overall winner for top beach recommendation. This place really is a nice little spot to be.

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