Pattaya Ladyboy in Thailand

There is a large number of Pattaya ladyboy fans within the masses of Western tourists that come to sin city. Many Western men have their first ever involvement with a transsexual girl right here in Thailand; some intend for it to be that way, and some are just spellbound once they set eyes on a Thai ladyboy. Have a look at the video below for a glimpse of what’s on offer. Lots of foreign men come here for a ladyboy experience that is simply not available to them back in their own country, but they also usually intend to keep it under wraps!

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I don't blame foreign visitors for the secrecy in which they go about meeting ladyboys; even in the most liberal minded countries of the West there is still a great deal of prejudice against transsexuals and very few people, none that I know of personally, would ever openly admit to any kind of sexual attraction to one.

If the bars are not too visible for you, you'll have no trouble meeting a Pattaya ladyboy there. There are lots of bars that employ ladyboys and these days there are some bars that are exclusively ladyboy only.

Outside of the major cities in the West, it is extremely rare to find anyone that would have the courage to express their sexuality and actually become a transsexual in their local towns and villages. Happily for you, if you are interested in the Thai transsexual scene, the acceptance level in Pattaya is on a scale such that you will be able to just relax and do your thing.

In this section of my website, I’m going to offer you all the best advice that I have been able to gather on the subject of ladyboys in Pattaya. At the bottom of the page you will find links to information about the dating scene, Thailand ladyboy escorts, the massage scene, the best parts of the city to go and much more.

Pattaya Ladyboy; terms and definitions

If you are reading this in the USA, the term ‘ladyboy’ is used in Thailand rather than the term ‘shemale’ that you might be used to…. it means more or less the same thing but with one important difference. The term shemale is considered offensive by many transsexuals…. it is linked somewhat to the porn industry and it’s not a link that is appreciated. It’s best not to use it if you want to get up close and personal with a ladyboy… that’s unless, of course, you want to get up close and personally beaten up by a dozen of them!

The term Katoey is also common, and acceptable, in Thailand. At one time I had thought that ‘katoey’ referred to a ‘pre-operation’ ladyboy but no, it means the same thing and can be used interchangeably with ‘ladyboy’.

Pattaya Ladyboy; who are they looking for?

Since ladyboys are transsexuals, i.e. men that identify with being female, they tend not to be sexually interested in other ladyboys. They don’t see themselves as being gay men and they are not interested in having sexual relations with gay men, they are interested in regular heterosexual men. Since I’m on the topic, they are also not to be confused with transvestites i.e. people that like dressing up as the opposite sex but who do not identify with belonging to that sex.

As far as your own sexuality is concerned, the standard paradigm in Thailand is that being attracted to ladyboys does not mean that you are gay; there are lots of heterosexual men in Thailand that have had relations with ladyboys but who wouldn’t want anything to do with a gay man.

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