Pattaya Stories; Readers' Submissions

The Pattaya stories (Pattaya or Thailand related) that you will read here have all been sent in to my website from its readers. Along with the 'Pattaya Reports' column, I am intending that this 'Pattaya Stories' section of the website will become a main focus of mine once the main content section is completed. This will take a little time because there are still a lot of pages that I need to build on the main content. That said, whenever you send in a story, I will review it within a few days and get it posted on this column.

Please note that submissions need to be at least 400 words in length, and 800+ is preferred. When you send a submission in, I will build a webpage to post it on. Readers will be able to rate and comment on your story, and you will be able to answer any questions raised by readers. I will also post my comments on the story so you know what I think about it.

Many thanks in advance for any submissions that you do take the time to send in. It is the input and perspectives of lots of different people that I believe will really keep this website fresh and interesting. Hopefully you will enjoy this column as much as I will.

Readers' Submissions

You are very welcome to send in your own stories (400 word minimum, 800+ preferred). Please use the submission box below for this. Don't worry, it's really easy to complete.

After approving your submission, I will create a new page for your story which you will be able to see via a link below:

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Stories sent in by other readers

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No matter the country, a Thai girl is always a Thai girl - Part 3 of 4 
Now the other subject of her husband, well that seemed a little more vague. She never really seemed to be able to accurately explain what they fought …

No matter the country, a Thai girl is always a Thai girl - Part 1 of 4 
At the time fifteen years ago, I was a single, fun-loving 32 year old man. Much less having never been to Thailand, I had never even eaten Thai food. …

No matter the country, a Thai girl is always a Thai girl - Part 4 of 4 
She walked into my office and told me that she was quitting and returning to Thailand. Apparently her husband had informed her with little advance notice …

No matter the country, a Thai girl is always a Thai girl - Part 2 of 4 
You can imagine that I was quite surprised when five months later I entered the Thai restaurant and there she was waiting tables again as if she had never …

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My Skinny Thai Girl (part 2 of 2): The second half of the story of one man's trip to Pattaya.

My Tiny Thai Girl (part 1 of 2): A story about one man's trip to Pattaya and the ladies that he met there.

A Beautiful Girl or Not?: What really are the reasons why so many Thai girls resort to prostitution? This story argues that it is usually good old fashioned greed and laziness.

A Little Thai Girl and the World according to Bart: A story from a man considering his life, what to do with it, and whether it would be better in Thailand.

Pattaya Tourism; Repeat Visitors and Expats: This looks at that typical question you get asked back home "why do you like Pattaya so much?" and how to answer it.

Little Thai Girls and their Curious Ways: Keeping things non-serious is the key to enjoying your time with bar-girls. Click here for some advice on how to avoid sliding into anything serious.

Thai Girlfriend; Trust Issues to be Aware of (part 2 of 2): The story concludes with a look at what to expect from a Thai girlfriend that has any sort of financial concern for her family’s future.

Thai Girlfriends; Trust Issues to be Aware of (part 1 of 2): The story begins with a look at the trustworthiness of Thai girlfriends and ends with the question 'how will a girl deal with the possibility that her rich boyfriend will leave her for another woman?

Bar Girls in Pattaya; Sober Reflections: A anonymous story from a long-term visitor to the land of smiles. I agree with his thoughts on romantic intentions with bar girls.

Soapy Massage and Happy Ending Massage: This one is a story from another 'happy' customer of the Pattaya massage offerings that you will find in most parlours!

Pattaya ladies and walking ATM's: I'll keep this nice and short! I reckon that there are a few things that need pointing out about Pattaya ladies and the first thing is that they do ...

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