Sex Tourism in Thailand

Sex Tourism in Thailand update: In part 1 of the report I set out my thoughts on the thorny issue of where the top destination is in Thailand for naughty boys. Some may disagree, and in time I may even disagree with my own comments, but for the foreseeable future I can’t see anywhere replacing Pattaya as the top destination. Click here to go back to Part 1.

Sex Tourism; Pattaya has more to offer

Whilst it is difficult to see any other area of Thailand overtaking Pattaya's Thailand sex tourism industry, it is true that Pattaya is now attracting many other visitors with completely different interests.

Nearby developing economies are being targeted by the local tourism authorities. The international cuisine, low prices, world class shopping facilities, beach sports, water park, underwater world, scuba diving, tiger park, crocodile farm, floating market, world class golf courses, world class hotel resorts, excursions to nearby islands and so on means that there is something here for everyone. The non-sex tourist is the fastest growing type of visitor to Pattaya these days.

Sex Tourism in Thailand; a few words of caution

I've already set out my advice on long-term relationships with Pattaya ladies; I've also advised on how to treat the girls if you do partake in the pay-for-pleasure scene (see the links below). I think there are a few extra words of caution to add to this that need to be written regarding the age of the girls.

The legal age of consent in Thailand is 18. In many western countries the age of consent is 16 and this can lead you to think that you will be OK with Thai girls of that age. Not so, suppose you are 19 and have sex with a girl of 16, you can find yourself looking at jail time. This is especially so if the girl's family gets involved and press charges. On the other hand, if the family say all is fine, you won't have any trouble.

It's a tricky situation... suppose you get approval from the family, do the deed, and then the family deny having approved anything - they could blackmail you for money easily! My best advice, stick to girls that are 18+, you will know that they are 18+ because they will have an ID card stating so. It will also guarantee that your girl is not a man! (you need to know what to look for though as it is written in Thai... you can always ask your hotel receptionist to look at it for you!!).

I think the chap in the picture below can relax on this point!

Speaking of hotels, it's a good idea to make sure that your hotel is 'guest friendly' otherwise you might have trouble or extra expense to deal with when taking a lady back to your room. I'm assured that these hotels are all good and welcoming of ladies:

Sabai Resort, North Pattaya - cheap and very good
LK Metropole, Central Pattaya - medium priced and very good
Siam Bayshore, South Pattaya - expensive but classy

Sex Tourism in Thailand; related pages

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