Sexy Pattaya Girls Case-Study (part 3)

Sexy Pattaya Girls update: in the first part of the case-study the report started by describing what Duan looks like, how she dresses and presents herself, and what your likely first impressions of her would be if you were to meet her. In the second part of the study, the report continues with a look at the single most common reason why Pattaya bargirls have chosen the work that they have, i.e. because of family commitments.

Pattaya Girls; final part of Duan's story

Regardless of her situation, Duan will stick with her responsibilities come what may. Her family will always come first, second and third in her list of priorities. Those Thai girls that turn their backs on their families are utterly despised by other Thais. Even if other Thais all agreed that she was being taken advantage of, abandoning her family would be infinitely worse, and this is something Duan will never do!

Duan keeps very little money for herself, she has a small apartment that she shares with her sisters. She has very few personal belongings. She does not have a motorbike, and doesn't even know how to ride one. She doesn't drink much, she doesn't smoke cigarettes or take drugs. At some point someone will fall head over heals in love with her.

Sexy Pattaya Girls; beware!

The last thing that I would advise anyone to do is to get romantically involved with a lady like Duan. I've seen it happen many times before and it just doesn't work. Duan is a lovely girl.... in her family life! When she is working she is a different girl!!! She has absolutely no concern for the welfare of some wealthy foreigner that is on a sex vacation! She has far greater problems to worry about than that!

You may think that you can straighten her out and solve her problems - you almost certainly can't! A Westerner might look at the situation, help her out financially, and start to blame her parents for everything.... and as soon as you do that, Duan will hate your guts!!! This is a no-win situation as far as any long-term romance is concerned.

I've personally watched Duan laughing with friends about an SMS message that had been sent to her by an admiring Westerner. It was a tender message declaring loving feelings and so on. The laughter was due to happiness at having snared another unsuspecting farang boyfriend, and another income stream! Ruthlessness in the workplace is necessary if she is going to maximise her income. She is banking on getting her customers to fall in love with her and send money to her each month after they have departed Thailand!

Duan is not a bad person, she's just a person who is in a bad situation. Maybe one day she will meet someone that is right for her, but there's no way she is about to risk anything on your average tourist. She will hedge her bets, she will not put all her eggs in one basket, she will attempt to get as many farang boyfriends as she can. That's her best way of securing a reliable, sizable income and being able to support her family.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking that your 'Duan' is different! If you met her in a bar you are very likely to get stung! You might think that a girl capable of such total devotion towards her family will be sure to mirror that loyalty in her devotion towards you... think again! You will almost certainly be seen as not much more than a means to an end - the end being financial security for her family. In terms of ranking you in her list of priorities, even if she is number one on your list, it usually goes something like this:

  1. Mum, Dad and Children
  2. Brothers and Sisters
  3. Extended Family
  4. The Thai Boyfriend that you don't know about!
  5. Friends
  6. The Dog
  7. YOU
  8. The other farang customers that you don't know about!

At least you don't come last!!

My advice... treat these sexy Pattaya girls with the utmost of respect, try to understand their situation, and always pay your dues. Then wave goodbye and move on!

It would be very nice to be able to 'save' all the sexy Pattaya girls out there but, sadly, it just isn't possible. If it is a long-term relationship that you are looking for, you will do better to start with an online dating site. is a good place to start but like I said in parts 1 and 2, you really ought to get some understanding of these ladies and how they think and feel. You don't want to end up in a relationship with a 'Duan' after all.

My ebook 'Thai Dating Culture' will give you a good understanding of all the important stuff.

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