Thai Beauties and a 10,000 baht Night!

Hot Thai Beauties and a big night out: Any foreigner that has used the ATMs in Thailand for any length of time will, at some point, hit upon the fantastic idea of drawing out a large amount of cash in one visit rather than drawing out a smaller amount and visiting more often. The plan is to avoid incurring too many 150 baht charges each time you use the ATM. Just one bit of advice - get the money back to your home/hotel right away after withdrawing it... do NOT stop for a beer first!

I am partial to having a beer or two during the day; the Pattaya weather is ideal for it and, with my home country having a cold climate, I appreciate relaxing in the sunshine with a cold drink. My beer of choice is called Chang and at 6.4% alcohol by volume, you don't need to drink too many bottles of it before events just sort of take over and start controlling themselves.

The thing is, if you're going to have a beer in the day, you don't want to go anywhere flash. Somewhere nice and cheap is just fine. After all, I've just taken out 10,000 baht from the ATM and avoided several 150 baht charges; having a cheap beer fits nicely into my cost saving plan. I know a good bar just off Soi Buakhao, it's called the Triangle Bar and it offers a '2 drinks for 1' deal from 9AM until 9PM. To really save some money, you need to go for the large bottles of beer... and after all, I am on a cost saving exercise here!

Hot Thai Beauties, Gogo bars and a Hangover

Skipping forward a few hours, I'm well underway with a beer crawl. I'm drinking with a fellow Brit who is on his holidays for a few weeks; naturally, the subject of Pattaya girls and agogo bars comes up. The Thai beauties in the best agogo bars are a sight to behold. I ended up visiting several really good ones, of which I can recall two: Champagne agogo on Soi LK Metro, and Living Dolls 2 on Walking Street. It's a bit of a blur, but I do know that I also went to Angelwitch agogo just off Walking Street on Soi 15 (I know because one of the waitresses told me about it a few days later - apparently I had been 'kee mao' or sh*t drunk).

Skipping forward a few hours more and I'm waking up by the swimming pool outside my condominium block. The sun's just coming up... I think it must have been about 6:30AM.... I've got half a kebab in my hand and half a kebab spread around at strategic points on my face.... and I'm still drunk! My girl was just leaving the condo as I walked in.... silent treatment from her, fair enough I suppose.

Thai Beauties, where did it all go so wrong?

thailand mosquit

After another sleep and a shower I started noticing that I was itching all over. Top tip: do not fall asleep outdoors in Thailand... the mosquitoes have no mercy. Check out the pics below. Altogether I counted over a hundred bites; if you've ever been bitten, you'll know that one bite can drive you up the wall. Worse place for a bite: sole of your foot - absolute madness!

I went to check the damage to my wallet; there were a few coins in my pocket but the wallet was completely empty of cash! Not a single note left. I've had time to reflect on this now and I've got several possible explanations:

1. I was robbed. I'm putting this one at the top of my list. There's no way that I drank my way through 10,000 baht, I'd have died of alcohol poisoning after 3,000 baht's worth of Chang! I lost my Brit pal at some point and never saw him again, so that's one possible culprit. The girls are another... if you get legless in Pattaya, you'd better be in good company because there's plenty of opportunists waiting to take advantage!

2. I gave it away. I know, I know... how likely does this one sound? I think it is a real possibility. I might watch the pennies when I'm sober, but when I'm drunk the whole world is my best mate and it's easy to start feeling generous towards those less fortunate. Also, I was spotted in the early hours sat on the floor just round the corner from Walking Street. I had made some street beggar pals! One of my girl's friends was going to say hello to me but thought better of it when she saw the state of me and my new best mates!

3. I lost it or overpaid my bills. Not sure on this, but it's possible.

4. I spent it on Thai beauties. This one is here just because anyone reading this will jump to this conclusion. I'm not saying that my head doesn't get turned every now and then, but I'm not really the cheating sort. I'm lucky enough to have great girl and it wouldn't feel right to do the dirty. Also, I reckon I'd remember something if this is the cause, with at least 7,000 baht missing (after taking away legitimate costs), I could have got the company of half a dozen girls easily!

That about wraps it up; I reckon number 1 or 2 above explains the cash, but you can make up your own mind! Just don't forget my advice.... if you withdraw a large amount of cash from an ATM, get it somewhere safe before you have a drink!

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