Thai Soapy Massage; best adult option!

This one is a real gem; it's the famous Thai soapy massage. This is, without doubt, the best happy ending massage available in Pattaya today. I've never heard a single bad report about it from anyone that has been lucky enough to come across it. It is a massage that every man needs to experience at least once in his lifetime. Be careful though, and heed this warning, when it comes to the soapy massage, once is never enough.

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As you wander around Pattaya, from one Soi to another, looking at the massage parlour advertisement boards and shop windows, you will notice that it is quite a rarity to see any mention at all of the happy ending massage or the Thai soapy massage. I'm not entirely sure why this is, but I suspect that is because most of the massage parlours want to masquerade as strictly non-sexual establishments. Why would they want to do that you might ask? A good question, and again I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect, if it is clear that there is anything of an adult nature going on within the parlour, that this might require an extra payment to one authority or another to sanction it!

Where to find the Thai Soapy Massage

If you choose to ask one of the girls inside or outside of a massage parlour whether or not a soapy is available, she will most likely giggle and confirm that yes, it is on the menu!

If you would prefer to go to one of the specialist soapy massage parlours, there are a few to choose from. There is a well established and comparatively well priced one on Soi 3 at the northern end of Second Road, opposite the Big C, it is called Sabailand Body Massage. I have not visited this one myself, but I am told that it is a good option. On entry to this particular massage parlour you will see a large glass window behind which are the available masseuses. There are plenty to choose from and you are sure to see more than one that you would like to get to know better!

All you need to do is tell the parlour manager (who will be nearby) the girl's tag number and he will arrange the formalities for you. After that, off you go with your masseuse to her massage room.

The Pattaya Soapy Massage Specifics

Unlike other happy ending massage types e.g. the Thai oil massage (with happy ending), this one doesn't just end happy, it is very happy from start to finish. As the name suggests, there is quite a lot of soap involved in the Thai soapy massage - it acts as the lubricant between your body and your chosen masseuse's body.

Before the Thai soapy massage begins, your masseuse will ask you to take off all your clothes. After that you'll be asked to lie face down on either an air-bed or an inflatable lilo. Your masseuse will also take off all her clothes and she will start a nude Thai massage using her body against your body. When I say that your masseuse will use her body to massage yours, I'm not joking. She will use all her.... assets to massage your body! If the Thai soapy massage fails to arouse you, you really should check into the nearest hospital but, I'm afraid to say, you might already be dead!

After your massage is over, you will be able to discuss any extra services that you might require. You will probably find that your masseuse is available for whatever service you desire, within reason of course.

I should have mentioned earlier on that, had you wanted to, you could have chosen two or more masseuses right from the beginning. I will leave it to your imagination what type of extra services you might desire with two or more girls in the room!

The only downside is the price!

The last point to be aware of is the price, the Thai soapy massage is not as cheap as standard massages. The massage alone will cost you anything from 1,000 baht to 4,000 baht in Pattaya, and somewhat more in other areas of Thailand. On top of that, any extra services will also need to be paid for after you have agreed a price with your masseuse. It's a little expensive, no doubt about that, but like I said, I've never heard a bad word said about it! Don't forget, you can save money if you sign up with my recommended dating site.

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