Thailand Sex Trip; Expats & Sexpats

Thailand Sex Trip overview; Part 1 of the report looked at the younger visitors to Pattaya many of whom are just starting out on their love affair with Thailand. It also looked at the middle-aged group of Westerners that come in large numbers often in search of intimacy with Pattaya girls.

If you will be heading to Pattaya and using the services of a lady in Pattaya, make sure that your hotel is 'guest friendly' otherwise you will have extra hassle/expense taking a girl back to your room. I hear that these hotels are very friendly:

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This part of the report focuses on two more groups. It starts off with a look at the older generation of expats; these are often a bunch of well travelled characters with many a story to tell (not always... there's a good few old men that just want to sit around complaining all day!). The second group is pretty much everyone else.

Thailand Sex Trip; older visitors

There is, of course, a great deal of diversity across all the groups that I've written about and I think this is especially true of the older generation.

I think that people are less concerned with doing what they think they ought to do as they get older and concentrate more on doing what they want to do instead. Different things suit different people, so you see more diversity in the older group. Take the chap in the picture above.... he couldn't care less about what nosey on-lookers are thinking. He's not only walking carefree down 2nd Road with a companion less than half his age, he's doing it with a ladyboy less than half his age! He obviously doesn't care at all if everyone knows he's here on a Thailand sex trip - good luck to him!

Some of the older characters in Pattaya have had very interesting lives and have lived in many parts of the world. Many have been married before, got divorced, sought comfort with Pattaya girls and gone on to marry a Thai lady. Many have graduated from the middle-aged group I wrote about in part 1. I think the most interesting characters keep themselves to themselves, but if you get talking to them they'll keep you entertained with their stories and their knowledge about what goes on.

Don't go thinking that any old duffer will be scintillating company... if you head off to a bar and see a group of old-timers drunk at 2 o'clock in the afternoon it's best to leave well alone! There's a large body of expats that love nothing more than whinging about Thailand. This lot will bore you senseless! Bearing in mind that there is nowhere that sex in Thailand is more readily available than with Pattaya girls, I sometimes wonder if these old-timers are grouchy because their love tackle isn't functioning properly!

If you wander around Pattaya long enough, you'll soon come across a small bar or restaurant owned/run by a Westerner. Have a sit down and start chatting; I can't guarantee an entertaining conversation, but there's a good chance of it.

Thailand Sex Trip; other visitors

Believe it or not, there is a growing number of Western women coming to Pattaya. At one time I don't think they would have wanted anything to do with Pattaya but times change, Pattaya is developing fast and can now boast many attractions. There is plenty here these days to entertain just about anyone... rich/poor, young/old, male/female etc.

You see quite a lot of people these days that seem to like nothing more than sticking their noses into other people's business. These groups focus on the main tourist areas and are, for the most part, tourists themselves. The chap in the picture above is typical of this group. Yes, I know what you are thinking and yes, when I took this picture I too was sticking my nose into his business... so I suppose I need to tread carefully here. If the guy in the picture is taking pictures to build a tour guide about Pattaya, I apologise.

There are large numbers of Japanese tourists that seem to be on holiday purely to fire off about a million shots with their cameras. You'll see them travelling in large groups together, sometimes 50 or more people at a time. It all seems like a hassle to me... I like to just wander off wherever my feet take me. Each to his/her own though.

Russian visitors are a growing group of tourists in Pattaya. I was quite surprised to find that the typical Russian visitor does not like to drink... not in the bars at least! I had a pre-conceived idea about Russians drinking large amounts of Vodka and generally getting far too drunk. This is not the case though, It is rare to see a Russian visitor looking out of control in any way. Many Russians come to Pattaya with their girlfriends and families too, so it's not a Thailand sex trip that they are coming for. I think it has more to do with the local tourist authority that is promoting Pattaya in the emerging economies. China and India are also sending lots of tourists to Pattaya and in growing numbers.

I think that about wraps it up. The conversation about Thailand sex trip groups could go on forever so I think I'll leave it here. There's far more to add, but I think I've covered some of the main groups of visitors, sexpats and expats in Pattaya today.

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