My Tiny Thai Girl (part 1 of 2)

John from Scotland

Tiny Thai Girl In Pattaya; I’ve just returned from my annual trip to Thailand, with most of it in Pattaya, and thought I’d share a couple of my travel stories with you.... Each story relates to a particular lady, so no surprises there. As you might have guessed from my ultra imaginative page title, one was a tiny girl and quite lovely; the other was a skinny Thai girl who wasn't quite so lovely. I’ll start with the tiny girl as I met her first.

Tiny Girl Story

Noi is 24 with dark wavy hair that hangs down just below her shoulder line. She is small, she’s not just short, she’s got a small and delicate looking frame. I like petite Thai girls and she is certainly that. I’d say that her height was something like 4’ 10’’ and I’d say that she would weigh in at something like 40-44kg, which is pretty tiny even by Thai girl standards.

Noi is a really lovely mannered tiny Thai girl and I liked her a lot. I met her at a time when I had just gone through quite a bad relationship breakup with a long-term girlfriend. My ex had really let me down quite badly and I was a little heart-broken over it. If I’m honest, that relationship coming to an end was big part of my decision to head over to Pattaya to rest up for a while.... I don’t know of any place in the world that lifts the spirits of a lonely heart better than Pattaya!

I’d told Noi of the breakup with my ex and she was really quite supportive, which is something you don’t expect from a woman who has probably had all sorts of trouble and strife to deal with compared to your average Westerner. I sensed a real compassion and kindness in that girl and she was perfect company for me at that time. I wasn’t about to lurch straight into another serious relationship though, I’m not a complete nutcase, but I did start to feel an attachment towards her by the time it came to say goodbye. I hope she’s doing OK; she seemed like a decent girl in a cut-throat industry.

I met her at a small beer bar on Soi 3 early in the evening at around 7pm. Soi 3 is not the busiest soi that Pattaya has to offer, but it’s good for a quiet beer or two to start the night off, and that suits me fine. After softening Noi up with my irresistible repertoire of witty one-liners such as “it’s hot today”, “one more beer please”, and “I am from Scotland”, I moved in for the kill with “you come with me or not?” I ask you, what girl could resist such charm (OK, apart from my ex)!?!?? Anyway, I went away with a grin on my face and with Noi by my side.

Noi liked peace and quiet and didn’t seem to belong in amongst the madness of the Pattaya nightlife which is a bit unusual for a bar girl, and it did give her a sexy demure sort of appeal. I took her out for a day on Koh Larn and did the whole beach crawl, restaurant crawl thing. There’s a small restaurant directly opposite the pier as you get dropped off that does the best apple shake I’ve ever tasted.... I nearly wrestled it off Noi it was so good!

Life moves on and I thought I’d move on too, before Noi got to thinking that we were going to become some sort of permanent couple. Outside the hotel I gave her my best “I go alone today” speech and she gave me the sulks because I hadn’t taught her to swim (something I’d mentioned the day before). Being a man of my word, and never one to break a promise to a lady, I took hold of her hand and led her off towards the swimming pool. She guessed how this lesson was going to work out and had a sudden change of heart about the whole 'swimming lessons' idea.... and just as I was warming to it! That’s another thing I like about these petite Thai girls; if you’re walking in one direction and they’re pulling in another, they ain’t going to be winning, hehe. She was pulling against my grasp with all she had and it didn’t even make a dent in my stride. I didn’t chuck her in the pool.... but I was tempted!

I've not seen Noi again and that’s probably for the best, she was working her way into my head and that’s never a good thing in Pattaya, not when there are so many other hot tiny Thai girls waiting to tempt you. The next girl on the Pattaya circuit was a completely different kettle of fish altogether.

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Tiny Thai Girl; Pattaya Adventures editorial comment:

Nicely done, I agree that Pattaya girls can certainly help the healing process after a relationship break-up, and I'm glad you kept things from going to far.

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