Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya is the liveliest soi in the city. It is a world famous venue and it is the heart and soul of the Pattaya nightlife scene. Its fame is well deserved and its reputation unsurpassed. It is home to literally hundreds of bars, dozens of agogo's, dozens of restaurants, thousands of girls and most of the nightclubs in Pattaya. If you can't find somewhere here that you like, I'm afraid that the whole nightlife party scene is probably not for you.

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The general level of nightlife venues in this area of Pattaya is of the highest standard available; the drawback is that they often command the highest prices around, but you still get excellent value for your money.

Geographically, Walking Street is located in south Pattaya; it stretches for about 1km down to Bali Hai Pier. The best nightlife is concentrated within about half of that distance. Added to the main soi there are lots of other sois that join onto Walking Street, bringing the total real-estate to well over 2km of almost non-stop bars, restaurants, gogo's and so on! It's not just the size and density of the place though, it is packed full of character...... and characters!

Walking Street Pattaya Entertainers

There are a number of street entertainers here and I think that three in particular stand out as noteworthy. If you have ever been on holiday here you may have noticed them too. The first is a man who usually dresses himself up in a cowboy outfit (see the video below) and performs card and cigarette tricks for anyone who cares to watch. On occasion, he can draw quite a crowd when performing - his tricks are impressive and I have absolutely no idea how he manages to control the cards in the way he does. I’ve heard that the cards are on wires, but if that’s true then they are extremely fine wires, and his skill in controlling them is outstanding.

The second act is, in my view, even more impressive than the first. Two youngsters, one a boy the other a girl, perform football tricks. I'd guess that the older of the two youngsters (the boy) is about 9 or 10 years old. His ball control skills are outstanding; I can only imagine that his parents have got him practising for several hours every day. Again, this act draws a good crowd and I suspect that it provides a good enough income (tips from people watching) for the youngsters' parents to enjoy a decent standard of living.

The other act is an acrobatic act where a young Thai girl manages to contort her body to fit on a small tray that rest on a stack of glasses….. it is a delicate balancing act and you have to wonder how long it can be performed before the girl grows too old. I wouldn’t want to be watching this act if it were to go on too long and result in the girl having an accident.

As with the other acts, this one also draws a sizable crowd and seems to provide a decent income for the girl’s parents; that’s a bit of a worry in this case as it might be difficult for the parents to call time on the act when the daughter grows too big to perform it safely! That said, the Thai’s are a resourceful lot and it wouldn’t surprise me if her parents have got some ideas for her future…. hopefully not involving bar-work on Walking Street Pattaya!

Walking Street; an International Venue

As you wander along the main drag, you will notice that not only is the Walking Street nightlife busier than any of the other nightspots, it has people from all corners of the globe strolling up and down it.

In recent years the demographic make-up of Pattaya's tourist industry has changed significantly. At one time, it was dominated by middle aged single white men but this is no longer the case. The tourist board here have, for some time, been working to clean up Pattaya's image and promote it to the new emerging markets around the world.

Walking Street Pattaya, and the other main tourist areas in the city, now appeals to a growing number of middle-class Indian, Russian and Chinese people. Additionally, it is not only males from these countries that are choosing to holiday here, entire families are now a common sight.

I don't think anyone would argue that Walking Street has entirely succeeded in cleaning up its act, but it is definitely a different place to what it once was. That said, different doesn't necessarily mean worse or better - Walking Street Pattaya remains a really fun place to go for a night out. The prices may be higher, but the quality is such that it is still a high value option, and it's an option that has to be explored!

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Walking Street Pattaya; not just for gentlemen

There’s no doubt that much of Pattaya’s nightlife is focused on the male visitor and, generally speaking, that is also true of Walking Street. It is NOT exclusively the case though, there are many attractions there for ladies, and I’m not talking about shopping facilities (although there are lots of these too). It turns out that there are some female visitors to Thailand that are also looking for casual romantic encounters in Thailand.

Yes, this is a bar that is focused on attracting gay men, but you shouldn’t go thinking that all the Thai men working there are gay! Nope, there is a large contingent of Thai guys working in these venues that are only too happy to entertain female customers! I’m not sure if these guys are straight or bisexual, but I imagine that they just go wherever the money is regardless of their own preferences.

There are lots of establishments, dotted around Pattaya, like the one in the picture below. The main areas to go to are the two main gay areas, Boyz Town and Sunee Plaza. It seems that, whilst there are plenty of Thai working-men, there are not sufficient numbers of lady visitors to Pattaya to support any venues that are solely catering for straight women, which means that any lady readers interested in meeting Thai men should head towards the gay areas.

I’m also told that the gay areas are the right places for couples to go to if they are involved in a.... erm.... ‘open relationship’. The possibilities go further.... live sex shows are prohibited in Thailand, but there is no reason why you can’t meet a Thai lady in a bar, agree to spend some time together and then head off to Boyz Town to find a Thai guy that can entertain. I think I’ll leave it at that, this is all getting a bit too deviant!

Places to Eat

The restaurants on Walking Street Pattaya are, generally speaking, of an excellent standard. I've not eaten at all of them, but I have eaten at a good number of them. If you like seafood, you'll be very happy with what's on offer. The seafood restaurants are not cheap by Pattaya standards, but they are still very reasonable compared to what you would pay back home in the West.

The produce is as fresh as it gets, as you would expect from a coastal city. On entry to the best seafood restaurants (these are located on the beach-side of the Soi) you can walk straight through the restaurant to the back where you will find tables and chairs set up to enjoy the sea-view. With the beach being west facing, you can sit and watch the sunset whilst you dine - it's a good option for a romantic meal!

Agogo bars on Walking Street Pattaya

Assuming that you are not a party of two (or more) and that you are one of the more traditional visitors to Walking Street Pattaya, you will not be disappointed by the options open to you. The adjoining sois are home to some of the best agogo bars in the city, and it remains a top choice to make new acquaintances with ladies. My other top recommendation for a night out with very good agogo bars is Soi LK Metro. This is a lesser known Soi but it is rapidly growing in popularity.

If you are looking for a good agogo bar and want to stay near the beach, you need look no further than Walking street. There are dozens to choose from and entry is free meaning that if you don't like one, it's no big deal, you can just walk straight out to find another! Angelwitch on Soi 15 just off Walking Street is highly regarded.

For more information on the a-go-go entertainment, click a go go bars. These bars are full of beautiful girls, and the acts that they perform on stage in such places as Angelwitch are much better than the acts that you will see in the smaller agogos located around Pattaya.

Be careful!

As a closing note, a word of caution. Walking Street Pattaya is (as the name suggests) a pedestrian zone at night, the sois that join onto it are not. Soi Diamond and others are narrow and have motorcycles bombing up and down them all night. If you have had a few drinks too many, it can be a bit of a hazard so take care.

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