Pattaya is Thailand at its best...

You’re probably aware of the reputation that Pattaya has managed to earn for itself after several decades of entertaining the world’s single male travelers and, let’s be honest, it’s a well-deserved reputation.

Sexy Thai girl
Sexy Thai girl

The red-light areas that many cities of the world provide are a little different here. Traditionally, you could have regarded the entire city as being one big red-light district!

But things are not as they once were.

Thailand is changing quickly and, while some may prefer the glory days of old, the relentless march of progress stops for no one...

That’s not to say that the city has lost its charm or its appeal, and you'll certainly have no problems finding companionship here with the sort of fun-loving ladies who simply aren’t available in other places of the world.

Pattaya remains the sort of place where first-time visitors are blown away by the best nightlife in the world, but these days the city has a much broader appeal than in times past. If you travel here today you will be rubbing shoulders with the most diverse group of people you’ll ever meet. Single guys, families, couples, groups, and even female travelers come here these days.

It remains a firm favourite with western tourists, but there is also a lot of interest from around Asia i.e. China, Japan, South Korea, India and so on. The implication of it all being that the range of attractions has ballooned in recent decades.

If Thailand is of interest to you – Pattaya should be on your radar.

It will, of course, never shake off its seedy image for a lot of people, but that can be a good thing. The sort of people who turn their noses up at what goes on here are, generally speaking, some of the least adventurous, and most pretentious, condescending, bores on the planet – so avoiding them is a selling point as far as I’m concerned!

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As already mentioned, the nightlife and the ladies that you meet in the bars, are still a major attraction for the city.

It's not all about late nights and short term fun, anyone that wants a more permanent arrangement can find regular Thai girls are open to dating foreigners:

The ladyboys in Pattaya and elsewhere in Thailand are another major attraction for some guys.

And let's not overlook the massage options here!

Pattaya Nightlife - The
Best Locations

You must be aware that the nightlife here is world famous for being a LOT of fun! This section gives full details of the main nightspots in the city and where to find them.

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Pattaya Girls - Bar

With over 20,000 bar girls in the city, if you can't find one with whom you can have lots of short-term fun then you may as well give up on fun with girls altogether!

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Regular Girls - Ideal
for Dating

For anyone interested in Thai girls for a serious long-term relationship, you're best advised to avoid Pattaya! There are plenty of good girls to be found, as this section explains.

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Dating Strategy - Learn
like a Master

Online dating is your only real option to make first contact from overseas. My advice will help you to avoid the less scrupulous online ladies and uncover the genuine ladies.

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Pattaya Ladyboys - for
the Curious!

If you are curious about ladyboys and would like to know more about them, this section of my website will tell you how to approach them, and what to expect from them.

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Pattaya Massage - Relax
& Enjoy

Massage comes in many different types and some of them are of an 'adult' nature. Others are regular, traditional type massage. You'll find both options all over the place!

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Some Extra Information about Pattaya

Many first-time visitors to Thailand become frequent visitors, and many frequent visitors become expats and choose living in Thailand as their preferred option. Thailand has many wonderful places to visit, but this place stands alone as the party town capital.

The pace of development in the touristic areas of Thailand is rapid, and if your last visit was as little as five years ago you might find that much has changed. At first glance you might find that some of your favourite attractions have been consigned to history, but I'd encourage you to look again. Some things that were good will have gone, but other things that were not so good have improved greatly.

This is most notable in some of the previously popular nightspots that are now virtually destitute, i.e. the ones near the beach, but wander inland a little and you'll find new hives of activity that have cropped up.

The same goes for the Thai girls that you'll meet. Where once the bars and clubs were teaming with eligible ladies, these days modern technology i.e. the internet and smart phones cameras have provided new online opportunities to meet foreigners whilst working in the bars has become more risky with regard to being filmed.

Pattaya girls don't want the people back in their home towns seeing them on Facebook in somewhat compromising situations, so many have shunned bar work and turned to online dating sites and the like. The bars are still fun, but the best Thai girls are more easily located online these days.

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