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Beach Road Pattaya is a very busy road, it always has lots of traffic running along it. It is not really a destination for Pattaya nightlife in itself, it is more often a routeway to get to one of those destinations. That said, there are a few locations on it that are worth a visit. Beach Road stretches the full length of Pattaya Beach and is about 3km long. It starts at the dolphin roundabout in the north, and runs down to Walking Street Pattaya in the south.

Beach Road Pattaya; where to go

Whilst there are a few beer bar complexes at various locations along Beach Road Pattaya, they don't tend to get that busy. I think the reason for this is because they tend to be a bit expensive due to the rent that they pay. Any business located here will need to pay high rent as it is prime location.

There seems to be fewer and fewer beer bars along Beach Road as time goes by. You can still find a few though; the best ones are near to Soi Yamato (soi 13 1) and Soi 13 2 Pattaya. Keep an eye on the prices, it is not unusual for two almost identical bars to be located right next to each other but charge very different prices! A bottle of Chang beer can be bought for as little as 40 baht in the northern part of the road; it goes up to as much as 80 baht in the southern part.

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There is a small beer bar on Beach Road that I like for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. It is called the '5 Star Bar' and is located near to Soi 11. It is not cheap; Chang costs 70 baht per bottle, and the girls are not beautiful! I like to sit in this bar on one of the tables looking out over the road and the beach/sea beyond it. There are some working girls trawling the opposite side of the road, and it can be entertaining to sit back and watch them!

I've avoided talking about restaurants in my location reviews as I'm trying to focus on the best places for Pattaya nightlife (and some fun and games with the girls). I'm going to make a brief exception here because you need to know about Pattaya Beer Garden. Despite the name, it is a restaurant as well as a bar. There's no need to eat but, if you do, you will get the best value food that I've found so far in Pattaya. At the time of writing (2012), you can get a lasagne for 195 baht that is huge and delicious too!

Beer is also cheap; Chang beer comes in at 50 baht per bottle. If you want a good sea-view, this is the place to go. It is located at the end of the pier near to Walking Street. To get to it you'll need to walk past some run down beer bars, don't let them put you off, the Beer Garden is clean, friendly and cheap.

Sticking with those run down beer bars, if you decide to have a drink at one of them, you will likely have to pay something like 80 baht for a bottle of Chang. I can't really explain why it is so expensive on this part of Beach Road Pattaya, it's not just the bars that are run down, the girls generally look run down too! One novelty that can be found there is the Thai boxing show that is on each night. Unfortunately, it is not the real thing. The fights are all staged which is a big disappointment. For the privilege of being able to watch these staged fights, whilst drinking your over-priced beer in a run-down bar and talking to a run-down girl, you will be asked to donate cash from time to time for the 'fighters'! My recommendation is to avoid this beer bar complex, there are much, much better Pattaya nightlife options a few yards away on Walking Street!

Beach Road Pattaya; final thoughts

You will find yourself drinking at a bar on Beach Road at some point, everyone does. The location is such that everyone comes here often.... even if it is just on-route to somewhere else. You will pay whatever price is asked and you will wonder what you are doing here. It is not all bad, it is very busy and does make a good spot for people watching. It's not a good choice for a big night out though, and I've never even seen a girl there that I would consider spending some quality time with!

I think this road is a good place to set up your base camp during a vacation. Here are some good Beach Road hotels to choose from:

Siam Bayshore - expensive but classy
The Hilton Hotel - very expensive
Dusit Thani - classy with an excellent location

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