BoyzTown; Gay Pattaya

Before visiting this BoyzTown I had thought, for some unknown reason, that it was the premier destination in Pattaya for those customers looking for ladyboy company. I was wrong; there are some ladyboys here and there and around surrounding sois, but that is not what this place is all about. This soi is the premier destination for the gay visitors… male gay visitors to be precise (obvious really given the name of the place!). If this is for you, and you want to stay at a discreet hotel right on this soi, look no further than these two options:

The Ambiance Hotel (cheap and good)
The Copa Hotel (also cheap and good)

You won’t have any problem at all finding this place, it is right on the middle of a main thoroughfare and you’ll probably stumble across it by accident at some point even if you have no intention of visiting the place. Boyz Town is an ‘L’ shaped venue which you can access via Second Road or via Soi 13, 4 (see the map below).

The gay scene is not confined to any one area of Pattaya and you’ll find it interspersed with the ladyboy scene as well as the straight scene, but I think that (along with Sunee Plaza) this is the place to go if you want to be amongst an exclusively gay crowd. There are lots of gay bars and clubs along Soi 13, 4 and along Soi 13, 3 and these are located right next to Boyz Town so you really do have lots of options to choose from.

As far as I’m aware, this area of Pattaya is not known for its street entertainment. Most of the entertainment goes on behind closed doors and is of an adult variety! That said, Pattaya is full of surprises and you can always bump into something you’re not expecting. The video below was filmed on the BoysTown patch and shows some impressive dancing skills:

If you want to start the night off at a slightly slower pace and build up to something a bit more full-on, I’d advise you to start at Soi 13, 3 and work you way towards Boyz Town as the night goes on. There are plenty of quiet bars/restaurants to choose from on Soi 13, 3 where you can gradually pickle your brain with alcohol before raising the tempo later on in the night!

In part 2 the report concludes with a look at the bars and agogos in BoyzTown as well as some of the gay and ladyboy options on nearby sois. To go to part 2, just click Boyz Town part 2

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