Cheap Flights to Thailand

Cheap flights to Thailand; since your flight costs are likely to be one of the most expensive components of your holiday in Pattaya (if not the most expensive), it makes sense to try and find the best bargain that you can. You will find that you are spoiled for choice, there are lots and lots of companies competing for your custom.

Don't be put off by that, it is actually good news because it means that those companies are competing heavily with each other to offer you the best deal.

Unlike my recommendation for Hotel bookings i.e., it is much harder to recommend a single company as the universally best company for flights. With hotel bookings it is easier because all the hotels are located in the same destination, i.e. Thailand, which means that whichever company has a competitive advantage in Thailand gets my vote. With flights it is harder because a lot depends on where you are travelling from.

The best value company for cheap flights to Thailand from Australia might be one operator, it might be different if you are setting off from the USA, different again if flying from the UK and so on.

Bearing this problem in mind, rather than recommending one particular booking company for the lowest cost flights, I'm recommending 'TripAdvisor'.

TripAdvisor offers more than your usual price-search engine, it actually searches other flight search engines. I've found some great offers via TripAdvisor and I recommend that you give them a go. Just type in your details into the box above and click the search button, you might save a significant amount of cash. Make sure you check all the flight options on the TripAdvisor page i.e. direct flights, one stop and two stop, so that you see all the offers.

Remember when comparing cheap flights to Thailand to keep in mind the overall journey times. This is not a problem if you are booking a direct flight but, if you have a connecting flight to catch, you probably won't want an 18-hour wait before the second airplane departs for Thailand!

I think you will find that TripAdvisor is very competitive across the globe and I'd advise you to have a look at their prices. That said, I've no experience of flying out from anywhere other than the UK, so do make sure that you have a look at other websites to compare prices if you are flying out from a different destination (actually, it doesn't hurt to have a good look around even if you are flying from the UK).

If you hear of a high quality company that continually offers the lowest prices from a particular departure point, send me a message via the 'contact us' box on my homepage, or mention it in the Facebook comments box below. I'll look into it and maybe add a link to them on this page.

Whilst you are visiting TripAdvisor, you might want to check out the hotel deals that they have. When you check out the prices on any particular hotel, you'll get prices from various companies and one of them will be Agoda.

Make sure you actually click on the Agoda link even if the initial price you see quoted is not the lowest (I've found that the real Agoda price will end up being the lowest if you follow the link!)

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