Cheap Hotels in Pattaya

The cheap hotels in Pattaya that you will find on Tripadvisor, Agoda and the like do offer value for money, but they are targeted at mainstream tourists on short term holidays of a week or two. The day-rate prices that you’ll be quoted on those sites are the most competitive that you will find for hotels that have the usual amenities such as a restaurant and a swimming pool but, for those visitors who want to budget their money over a longer term visit, there are some cheaper options to be found.

I myself tend to use these cheaper options when I’m on an extended visit, although I still spend the first night or two in a regular hotel such as the ones I recommend on this site. The reason for that is because it is not easy to book into these cheap hotels in Pattaya unless you visit them in person. They don’t feature on any of the main hotel booking sites, and you’ll need to some footwork to find one that has a vacancy at the right price.

As a ballpark figure, the lowest rate that you’ll find online will come in at something like 500 baht per day for a budget hotel with basic facilities. This is the low season rate, high season prices are higher. Basic facilities will include air-con, TV, en-suite, balcony and so on. Typically, you won’t find a hotel with a swimming pool for less than 1,000 baht per day during the high season. The high season prices can start as early as November, and can end as late as May.

In contrast, the really cheap hotels in Pattaya can be had for next to nothing. I was quoted 4,000 baht per month at one place, and that was during the peak of the high season. I can’t recommend that particular establishment though… it looked rough as nuts!

Cheap Hotels in Pattaya; standards to expect

The hotel room shown in the pictures was costing me 11,000 baht per month, plus another 2,500 or so for electric and water. The room itself was perfectly okay, I had a big fridge, satellite TV, big balcony, lots of space and everything that you need except wi-fi (although I did manage to get a signal from a bar right outside the hotel). In the low season, this room is available at 9,000 baht per month plus bills, but there are other reasonable rooms to be found starting at about 6,000 baht per month plus bills.

Another aspect to consider is that the cheap hotels in Pattaya, such as the one featured here, do not usually have a 24 hour reception. You usually get issued a key fob that unlocks the entrance door to the hotel. This has good and bad points; if you want to be sure of a guest friendly policy then you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, with nobody on reception to collect a girl’s ID card, there are extra risks involved. Don’t take a freelancer back to one of these places as it courts danger – stick with the girls that you can trace back to a workplace.

Generally speaking, if I’m on a visit of a month or two then I’m happy enough to use one of these cheap options. If I’m on a shorter trip then I’ll stick with the hotels I recommend on the site as they have the best facilities and I do like a swimming pool if I’m on a short holiday.

Even longer Visits

Another option, if you are on a proper extended visit of 6-months or more, is to rent an apartment. With rentals you’ll get cheap monthly rates and top notch facilities. The last time I stayed on a 1-year trip I was paying 20,000 baht per month plus bills. For that price you can get some proper comfort. You can expect to find 50-60sqm apartment with modern furnishings, a lounge, separate bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a sauna and so on. This is the best value of all, but only for long term visits.

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