Cosy Beach Pattaya Thailand

Last but not least of the beach reviews I have done is Cosy Beach Pattaya. I’ll tell you straight up front that this is a great quality beach and one that is well worth taking the time to visit. I was mightily impressed by just about all aspects of what I saw here and I think I'd have to give it overall award for best mainland beach in or around Pattaya. Only the offshore island Koh Larn has beaches to beat this place.

The wider area of Pratumnak itself also appealed and it might be somewhere to consider looking for a hotel if you like to keep the madness of the nightlife a short ride away.

These two hotels are a good starting point:

Pattaya Bay Resort - nice and cheap
Royal Wing Suites & Spa - very nice

Cosy Beach Pattaya; how it measures up

Sand Quality. I was impressed with the quality of the sand on this beach as it is quite a bit better than either of the main beaches surrounding it in Pattaya or Jomtien. It’s not quite the best in Pattaya (that honour goes to Ta Waen and Thong Lang beaches on Koh Larn, but I think it is the best on the mainland.

Cleanliness. Again, I was happily impressed. There are odds bits of discarded rubbish here and there around the sun-loungers, but I didn’t see anything dangerous like broken glass.

Hassle Factor. I was most impressed by this. I stayed on the main batch of sun-loungers near the restaurants and other tourists for a couple of hours or so and got almost no salesmen bugging me whatsoever. Even the restaurant owners left me alone… I had to approach them for drink refills and the menu!

Entertainment. Good for relaxation. It’s a quite beach, so you don’t have the jet-ski and parasailing options, but there were several restaurants, some market stalls, and some beach massage stalls. Overall, very good.

Beauty and Scenic Aspect. This is another big plus. Being in Pratumnak, the backdrop to the beach is a wooded cliff that offers some really good viewpoints for photographs. I think I’m going to have to make this beach my top recommendation for scenic beauty on the mainland.

Ease of Access. It’s not the easiest beach to get to as there is no standard pick-up taxi that will deliver you there and bring you back. I think this is a small price to pay though, and it helps to keep it a bit of a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. If you make your way to Walking Street or somewhere nearby, just hop on a motorbike taxi and you will be in Cosy Beach Pattaya in less than 10 minutes.

Privacy and Seclusion. There is a sizable development of condominium blocks, hotels, shops, bars and restaurants nearby, so it is not a desolate beach but it is still a quiet relaxing spot for a visit.

Safety.  No concerns here, I’ve never heard of any trouble here and I didn’t see any suspicious characters at all. As mentioned above, I saw no dangerous litter on the beach, and the water is clean and free of speeding boats and so on. I think the only slight concern that some people may have is that there are a number of steps to descend to the beach and a slip would be quite uncomfortable. This isn’t a concern for many people, but it is something to be aware of if you are not sure-footed.

Cosy Beach Pattaya; other thoughts

This is the last beach that I’ll be reviewing in Pattaya, and it has been a long time coming. My other beach reviews have been in place for quite a while now.

Had I known how good a beach it is I think I would have gotten around to it much sooner… overall it is now my favourite beach in Pattaya…. and that includes the quality offerings on Koh Larn! I highly recommend it if you enjoy a good relaxing beach.

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