Pattaya Eastiny Plaza Hotel Review

Eastiny Plaza Hotel is a bargain hotel located on Soi 8; it is most suitable to those tourists that have come to Pattaya to enjoy the nightlife. This hotel is located right in the middle of some of the best nightlife around.

Soi 8 Pattaya is a very central location that connects 2nd Rd to Beach Rd. This hotel is placed no more than 150 metres or so up from Beach Rd, so walking to the beach takes just a minute or two. There is a vast array of bars and restaurants to choose from right on your doorstep, and pick-up taxis/motorbike taxis are all over the place making all parts of Pattaya easily accessible.

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Eastiny Plaza Hotel; good points

Walking in off the street, in May 2014, I was quoted only 1,200 baht per night. For a stay of 1 week or more, this came down to 1,080 baht per night. Breakfast is included in the price, but Wi-Fi costs extra. For a hotel in this location this price really is very reasonable. There are cheaper hotel rooms to be found in Pattaya, but not in this location. You would need to travel inland a bit to get a significantly cheaper deal than this.

The rooms are all en-suite rooms and all are modern, clean standard rooms. The superior rooms are located on the top floor, but the layout is exactly the same so my advice is to stick with the standard rooms. The one I was shown came with a pool view; it's worth asking for one of these as the view in other directions is not very scenic. The en-suite facilities in the rooms are basic but clean.

The swimming pool area is a good place to relax. It doesn't come close to comparing with the best swimming pools in Pattaya, but for a hotel in this location at this price, it is good. What I like best about it is that it is located on the 2nd floor overlooking soi 8. In between swimming and sun-bathing, you can peer over the side and have a look at what is going on in the soi.

Overall, in terms of value for money, this hotel is one of the best hotels in Pattaya.

Eastiny Plaza Hotel; bad points

If you are visiting Pattaya with your family you will probably find that the location is not really ideal. This hotel is targeted at the party goers in Pattaya. You can expect a fair amount of noise coming from Soi 8 until way into the early hours. You might also find yourself next to a room where someone has taken back a guest or two.... the noises you will here from that is not something you will want your family to hear! On the other hand, if you've been out yourself and had a few beers and/or you are taking a companion back for the night, this hotel is a good choice.

Eastiny Plaza Hotel; other points

There is one reason why I can't recommend this hotel as my first choice for a bargain in the thick of the nightlife.... it is because Eastiny 7 on Soi 7 is slightly better. The design of Eastiny 7 is similar to Eastiny Plaza, but the hotel was refurbished in 2010 meaning that the rooms are in a very good condition. Even better than that; the price per night is slightly cheaper than Eastiny Plaza!

For the party goer looking for a bargain, my advice is to go for Eastiny 7 as your first choice. If that hotel is full, don't hesitate to choose Eastiny Plaza hotel as your second choice because there's really not that much to separate the two.

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