Disco Girls Pattaya; Questions & Answers

What age range do the disco girls fit into?

For the most part they are fairly young, about 21 to 25 for a guess; you don’t see as many older girls here compared to what you see in the bars. It does depend a bit on which disco you choose since different disco cater for different customers, some of which are of an older age-group themselves.

You said that some of the working girls in the discos are students and just looking for an income supplement; aren’t these students from more respectable backgrounds?

These girls might come from respectable backgrounds and they might not but either way there’s no denying that their actions are considered to be anything but respectable! You can be absolutely certain that any student that is working as a freelancer will be doing so in secret, if she get’s found it will ruin her reputation completely and it may well follow her around for a long time. Thais love to spread the word about this sort of thing and it might be difficult for these girls to find work after finishing their studies since references would be required at job interviews and so on – it’s a risky business in this regard.

In Pattaya you don’t get so many students working the nightlife scene, but there are more of them in Bangkok where the top universities are located. You also get some bar girls here later on in the night once the bars start closing down. The bar girls that are determined to find a customer, perhaps because they have an immediate cash flow problem that needs solving, sometimes try their luck in the discos. If you see a bunch of Thai girls together in one of the tourist focused discos, they are probably bar girl colleagues.

What if I go to a traditional Thai disco, will I be able to meet girls there?

There are some Thai focused discos in Pattaya but you are unlikely to stumble across them, they are located a bit further away from the coast. If you do manage to locate one and you make the effort to visit, you’ll find a very different vibe there – but it is a good vibe. Don’t go there with the intention of meeting a girl for the night though as that is unlikely to happen. These places are the best places to go if you want to meet regular Thai girls rather than working girls i.e. if you are hoping to find a girl worthy of your affections on a long-term basis, these discos are a good option. Pattaya being what it is though, I’d suggest that there is still a danger that any particular girl could just be having a day off from her bar job, a safer option is to find a Thai orientated disco in Bangkok if you want to meet a good girl.

One problem you might have in the Thai oriented discos is communication; the good girls will probably not speak English so you are best advised to take a friend with you that speaks Thai. If you have a friend like this, he/she will probably know something about Thai dating culture too, so make sure you get some tips on that too before you go barging in all guns blazing on your romantic search… a more refined approach will work much better!

If I see a disco girl that I like but she only works part-time, will I still be able to stay with her when she’s not working?

It all depends on the girl to decide how many days she can see you, but I think that you will very likely be able to stay with her as long as you want. If you plan to spend your entire holiday with a lady you meet in a disco, she will likely agree because she’ll be sensing an opportunity to make some good money, especially if she senses that she can turn you into an overseas sponsor! My advice is to not let that happen if you value your sanity.

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