Disco Girls Pattaya; beautiful club girls

Disco Girls Pattaya; a good venue for meeting Pattaya ladies is a disco, or nightclub, if you prefer the name. Let's be clear; the whole process of meeting girls in a disco is a much easier process than you will be used to in a western country. For one thing, when you enter your chosen club, you will almost certainly find that the ladies outnumber the men by quite a lot. You will also find that those ladies have a much more approachable character than anything you will be used to.

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Disco Girls Pattaya; a Western experience

I'm a well travelled man when it comes to the nightclub scene. I've seen the best of what various countries in Europe have to offer, so I think that this is one topic upon which I can venture an opinion (feel free to challenge it).

By way of example, I always like to cast my mind back to when I was a young man in his early twenties. At that time I would be hitting the clubs on two or three nights a week, I recall feeling that clubbing was just about the best thing in the world that a man could do. Obviously, the ultimate goal was to score with a girl for the night and end up back at her place. That's how it was with me and my friends anyway.

Our success rates were reasonable too, but each and every one of us got shot down in flames far more often than the times when we got lucky. When one of us did get lucky, the chances were that the next morning, whichever one of us got lucky would look at his prize again (without his beer goggles) and despair!!!

My friends and I used to like to laugh about the rejections we had been through. One friend's experience summed it all up beautifully; he had spied a girl in the disco that he liked and had wandered off to speak to her. He was just about to open his mouth when the girl looked straight at him and said "look..... why don't you just go away!?!?"

My friend hadn't so much as uttered a single word to her, all he had done was pay her the compliment of liking her, and that was his response! It's not as though he was in anyway offensive, he was a decent looking bloke, tall and slim, and well mannered. He told us what had happened, and we all had a good laugh at him, obviously....., it's the done thing you know. But the point is to demonstrate the attitude of the girl. Obviously, not all girls are the same, but there does seem to be something of an anti-men attitude in the West.

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Disco Girls Pattaya; a Thailand disco in comparison

Rest assured that if you have had similar disco experiences with Western girls, you're in for a treat should you visit a disco in Pattaya. The Pattaya girls there will shower you with affection. You will literally feel like a superstar. You might be aware that you dance like a three legged rhino, but don't worry, it just won't matter.

Disco girls Pattaya are usually very attractive, almost always very slim, and always fun to be around. It feels pretty much like a role reversal sort of thing where the girls are the hunters and you are the hunted. You will have no shortage of offers for overnight company from the disco girls in Pattaya.

You also get more of a natural pick up sort of feel compared to the beer bars where you need to pay a bar-fine to get your girl. You need to be careful of this though, if you let your mind run away with you, you'll convince yourself that you've found the real thing all too easily. Pattaya club girls, despite what they might seem, are still working girls. That's the catch; you didn't think that I was going to say anything else did you? Yes, sorry, the girls are really great fun, but it is probably not real. Like the girls from other venues, they are there to make some money.

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If meeting girls in a disco or a bar is not really your thing, or if you are intending a more serious relationship, online dating is worth a look. The Thai girls you will meet online are not all perfect, but you will meet lots of girls, and you may well find a genuinely lovely lady there.

Disco Girls Pattaya, Part two continues with a look at the character and intentions of the girls you will likely meet in a Pattaya disco compared to the stereotypical 'good traditional Thai girl'. There is also a bit about financial strategy and a few words of advice! To read the second half, click: Pattaya Nightclub Girl part 2

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