Hotels in Pattaya, Thailand

There are literally hundreds of hotels in Pattaya for you to choose from and the range of quality available spans the entire spectrum. You can go for anything from five star luxury to a simple room with no air-conditioning and a shared bathroom. For a very reasonable price, starting from around 1,000 baht per night, you can get a clean hotel in a good location with all the facilities that you want e.g. restaurant/bar, swimming pool, en-suite, balcony, wi-fi internet and more.

You do need some impartial reviews though, because quality does vary regardless of your budget. The good news is that, whatever your budget, you can get a very good bargain if you look around. The prices that you pay for hotels here are much lower than what you would have to pay in the Western world and the standard of customer care is usually very high.

As with most things, the prices in Pattaya are much lower than in places like Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui! Generally speaking, you need to pay about half of what you pay in Phuket. Looking at it another way, for any given expense that you want to pay, the quality that you get in Pattaya is far higher.

TOP TIP: If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to only book a hotel for a night or two. When you get to Pattaya you should head towards Soi Buakhao and the roads that run off it in search of a guest house. Rooms are available from as little 6,000 baht per month! For that you'll get a double room with en-suite and a balcony. There will be a fridge, satellite TV, free WiFi, cheap laundry service, etc. The only problem is booking in advance since you won't find them online.

Hotels in Pattaya by Area

I've decided to split my hotel recommendations by area of Pattaya rather than by how many stars the hotel has. You tend to get a good variety of class across North, Central and South Pattaya anyway and, with each area being a little bit distinct, I think that location is probably the most important decision regarding which hotel to choose.

Over time I'll be adding to the recommendations as I get chance to review them. The recommendations below are based on a combination of my own knowledge, that of trusted friends, and an extensive internet search.

All of the hotels below are my top recommendations for each of the three main areas of Pattaya, sorted by price, at the current time. As time goes by I will amend this list to ensure ongoing quality. The links will take you to the 'Tripadvisor' website.

Top Recommended North Pattaya Hotels

Sabai Resort - cheap and very good
Dusit Thani - expensive but good

Top Recommended Central Pattaya Hotels

Intimate Hotel - medium cost, excellent value
Eastiny 7 - cheap and good
LK Metropole - medium priced and very good
The Hilton Hotel - very expensive

Top Recommended South Pattaya Hotels

The Bayview Hotel - medium cost and good
Siam Bayshore - expensive but classy

Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

One thing that the traditional visitor to Pattaya will want to be sure of is that, whichever hotel they choose, it is guest friendly. In other words, you may want to know that you will be able to take a companion back with you without any extra charges.

In the list above, a trusted friend of mine has personally used the Sabai Resort in north Pattaya and has never been charged extra for an additional guest. Also from the list above, the Intimate Hotel is possibly the most up-market hotel in Pattaya that is guest friendly.
Over time, I will try to get reliable information from each hotel about these additional charges.

Resort Hotels

You might notice that some of the hotels in Pattaya describe themselves as resort hotels. When you see 'resort' in the title it usually implies that the hotel has a range of attractions inbuilt to keep you amused. For the biggest and best resort hotels, you could almost spend your entire holiday on the hotel grounds without wanting to leave. Bars, restaurants, sauna, massage, large swimming pools, kids clubs, gymnasiums, shops, a private patch of beachfront and so on are typical of the best resort hotels. They are a good option for families, but a good one will not be cheap.

Hotels in Pattaya; my reviews (good and bad)

Mercure Hotel; this hotel has a modern and new look to it. There is a really good vibrant atmosphere on the hotel grounds around the pool. All in all, this is a good hotel option.

Centre Hotel; I can't really recommend this hotel. It is a high rise building with 18 floors and only two lifts that take forever. It is a bit rough around the edges and, at this price, the room I saw was very dated.

Eastiny Plaza; I really like this hotel. It is well located on Soi 8 and comes at a bargain price. The pool area is good and the rooms are clean and modern.

Sunbeam Hotel; if you want to stay in the thick of the action around Soi 7 and 8 but want a little luxury too, this is the hotel to go for. Some of the better rooms (on higher floors) come with excellent views.

Flipper Lodge; at the time I saw this one it was undergoing some major refurbishment. My impression was at bit below average considering the price. The location is good, but there are better options nearby.

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