Jomtien Beach Pattaya; a popular option

Jomtien beach Pattaya is the most popular alternative to the main Pattaya beach. It is a big beach that stretches for about 6 or 7km down to a place called Bang Sare; it's so big that it almost feels more like a long straight beach rather than being a bay. This is one of the more popular beaches and due to Jomtien being popular with long-term visitors and expats, the beach gets good reports on various websites.

As always there are a good selection of hotels on the beachfront; my suggestion is the Fifth Jomtien; the Residence. This is a very well regarded medium cost hotel.

You will find Jomtien just to the south of Pattaya; a pick-up taxi will get you there in about 10 to 20 minutes. Jomtien itself is worth a visit even if you don't go to the beach. There are nowhere near as many bars, but there is still a good selection, the restaurants are good too.

Jomtien Beach Pattaya; how it measures up

Sand Quality. The sand is more or less identical to that on Pattaya beach. It feels a little grainy under foot rather than the powdery stuff you want. The beach is quite wide in parts, and there is plenty of room to put a towel down to lie on if you don't want a deck chair.

Cleanliness. There is no real problem with cleanliness. Jomtien beach Pattaya has got some discarded rubbish but it is no different here than in other areas of Thailand. The typical visitors here tend to be families, and maybe they have a more responsible attitude to cleaning up after themselves than the typical group of younger Pattaya nightlife orientated men that you get in other places. The sea is clean too.

Hassle factor. Not good. You are certainly going to get regular hassle from hawkers that will want to sell you all manner of things. I don't think the hassle is as bad as it is in Pattaya, but it is not far off. Whenever I have visited Jomtien beach Pattaya, I have had the impression that beach massage is more popular here. That probably reflects the different/older sorts of visitor that come here. As well as massage, you will get people asking you if you want to buy seafood, fruit, watches, cheap jewellery, toys for the kids and so on.

Entertainment. There are some water sport options like a banana boat and jet-skis, but I haven't noticed para-sailing as an option. Swimming and snorkelling with the kids is a good option due to the clean water. If you want to have good access to bars and restaurants you are also well catered for, there are lots of options opposite the beach.

Beauty and Scenic aspect.
As I've mentioned on other Pattaya beaches review pages, this one is a little down to personal preference.... my preference being for smaller, more isolated beaches. Jomtien beach Pattaya is a large beach by any standard. It has a beauty of its own but, as with the other beaches around Pattaya, it doesn't have the charm and character of the best beaches in Thailand e.g. those around Krabi. Wong Amat beach is the best choice on the Pattaya mainland for this, but Jomtien is worth a look.

Ease of Access. Jomtien is just a few kilometres south from Pattaya and getting there is very easy. There is a taxi rank on the corner of South Pattaya Road and Second Road (as you head down South Pattaya Road towards the beach, turn left at Second Road. Muang school is on that corner as is the taxi rank). The taxi fare should be 10 baht per person at the time or writing, but some taxis are now asking for 20 baht from non-Thais. I'd imagine that it will not be long before 20 baht is the new standard price.

Privacy and Seclusion. Generally speaking you will not get much privacy or seclusion. This is a very large and busy beach. On the other hand, parts of it do feel a little quieter. As soon as the taxi gets to Jomtien Beach Road, get off it. If you turn right (heading north) you can walk to a part of the beach that doesn't have a main road running behind it; it feels quieter and more isolated here.

Safety. The safety issue on Jomtien is my major concern... not during daylight hours though, it is fine then. My Thai friends insist that Jomtien is home to some dangerous characters and that the beach is not a safe place to be after dark. You need to understand that my wife has never once been wrong about anything whatsoever in over 3 years of marriage, and I have absolutely no doubt that she will never ever be wrong, about anything, as long as she lives!!!!! Apologies to anyone that disagrees, Jomtien after dark is not my speciality.

Jomtien Beach Pattaya; other thoughts

Jomtien beach certainly has a lot to offer and it is definitely worth a visit. By daylight hours the beach is a good, clean and safe alternative to Pattaya beach.

I think my personal favourite beach in Pattaya is Wong Amat beach, but that is just personal preference. Jomtien is larger and has better access to bars and restaurants if that is what you like.

My main concern has to be the safety issue after the sun goes down. The local news does seem to report more violent crime around the beach than in other areas. That said, I don't live nearby and have never had any experience of it first hand, so apologies if my comments are off the mark.

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