Ladyboy Cabaret; Alcazar and Tiffanys

If you are interested in a Ladyboy cabaret or any kind of ladyboy show in Pattaya, you have come to the right place.

Pattaya is pretty much the centre of the ladyboy world. Alcazar Pattaya and Tiffanys Pattaya are long established world leading establishments featuring very highly regarded ladyboy shows every night.

They are both located in north Pattaya just off Second Road and are just a stone's throw away from each other.

Tiffanys stages the world's premier ladyboy pageant show with contestants from all over the world.

Ladyboy Cabaret; Miss International Queen

Five days of competition go into deciding the overall winner of the annual Miss International Queen, the winner is crowned at the final event held at Tiffanys Pattaya. The video below gives a taster of what's involved:

Ladyboy Cabaret; Alcazar Pattaya and Tiffanys Pattaya

Thailand ladyboy shows are full of colour, glamour and extravagance. Nowhere is that more true than at Alcazar Pattaya. If you are looking for the best ladyboy shows in Thailand, Alcazar should be top of your list.

Tiffanys in Pattaya is a slightly different sort of thing. They specialize in shows with the best looking ladyboys. You'll find lots of tourists hanging out around Tiffanys having their photos taken alongside ladyboys that are in full costume.

For a ticket to one of the shows at Alcazar or Tiffanys, you'll probably need to part with something like 500 to 600 baht.

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Ladyboy Cabaret; Prejudice

Lack of understanding or acceptance is probably always going to be a problem for ladyboys and, although I am not interested in them sexually, I do have a great deal of respect and commiseration for them when they are being called abnormal and deranged.

Just consider for a moment what they have had to deal with throughout their lives. From an early age they have faced ridicule, many have been beaten up, they are sometimes disowned by their friends and family, as adults they are barred from working in many jobs. Throughout it all, they have pressed on and stood up for themselves. Whatever your sexual preference, you have to admire that kind of strength!

Some people take issue with ladyboys seeing themselves as being female and will go to great lengths to demonstrate that they are not technically female. I think the issue is irrelevant; ladyboys believe that they think and feel as ladies do and they just want to be treated as such. I think the issue is an emotional one, not a technical one.

Some of these guys can get quite heated about it and you have to wonder why that is. My money is on either prejudice (based on a general dislike, lack of understanding, fear of the unknown, or whatever) or frustration due to some sort of repressed attraction.

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