LK Metro in 2015

Pattaya’s LK Metro in 2015 has become one of my favourite stomping grounds. As far as its speciality goes, gogo bars, this nightspot wins the battle over its only rival ‘Walking Street’. The atmosphere here is much more focused on actually having fun rather than wandering around gawping and photographing everything. You’ll find more people here that are actually sat down enjoying some laughs with a beer than you will just walking around in big groups whilst buying nothing… Walking Street Bar owners can only drool with jealousy on this important point.

Over the past year or so there has been new investment on LK Metro with some new bars opening and others being refurbished. The area as a whole is busier than it used to be and it feels more like a place that knows what it does best. It doesn’t have the same mix of visitors that the more well known Walking Street does, but the visitors that it does attract are the ones that want to spend some money and enjoy themselves. From the research that I did on the ground, your typical Walking Street gogo bar will maybe be 20% full at any particular point in the night; come to LK Metro and that figure is more like 70% full.

You might think that, if you are looking for Some girls for companionship, a bar that is only 20% full would be a better choice because you’d have a better ratio of girls to customers. I think that in practise this makes little difference… if you spot a girl on stage that you like, you merely have to ask on of the waiting staff to get a drink for your girl and she’ll be sat on your lap in no time! The presence of other customers will not make any real difference to your efforts at attracting some feminine company. Even more importantly, in a bar that has a good patronage, the girls will tend to actually be enjoying themselves and will be more interactive with the customers, which makes the whole thing much more fun.

LK Metro; Champagne a go go & The Office a go go

There are not as many gogo bars on LK Metro as there are on Walking Street, but they are packed more densely together into a relatively small area. Altogether there are about a dozen or so gogo bars here as well as lots of beer bars – so there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you busy for a few weeks! Some of the gogo bars are better than others, but much will depend upon your own personal preferences as to which you like best. That said, there are two gogo bars on LK Metro that I would encourage you to have a look at if you are a fan of this sort of thing. ‘Champagne a go go’ and ‘The Office a go go’ are excellent. I believe both bars are owned by the same group, and it shows. They are both hassle-free, draft beer can be bought at a very cheap 65 baht (despite the 75 baht promo board that the lady above is holding), and the beauty of the girls on stage is generally the best around. After 10pm the standard barfine cost is 800 baht. You’d never guess from the exterior of the Office a go go that it is arguably the best gogo bar in Pattaya.

The Bachelor Pattaya a go go

A slightly more unusual gogo bar offering is the ‘Bachelor Pattaya’ a go go which has a different feel to it; it is more relaxed with sofa’s for seating and uniquely amongst these bars, you can smoke sheesha inside (available at an inflated price of 250 baht compared to 150 baht in the beer bars outside).

I did hesitate for a while before actually entering the Bachelor a go go due to the look of the exterior. Whereas the other gogo’s have girls outside promoting them, this one only has pictures of ladies on the exterior. It crossed my mind that it is harder to judge whether or not a lady is in fact a lady when all that you have to go on is a picture, and my suspicions were aroused that maybe it was a ladyboy bar. Some girls in a nearby assured me that this wasn’t the case and that none of the gogo bars on LK Metro are ladyboy bars, so I gave it a go. Like I said, it is a decent place and worth a visit, but at the time I arrived (about 1 am) the remaining girls on stage were not the most beautiful that the soi employs.


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