Detailed Map of Pattaya

Getting around most of the main tourist areas in Pattaya is really easy and it is very unlikely that you will get lost. The structure of the roads is set out a bit like a ladder; there are two main roads i.e. Beach Road and Second Road, and lots of smaller Sois connecting the main roads together like rungs on a ladder.

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If you want to explore a bit further in-land, getting a map starts to make a bit more sense. Areas in and around Soi Buakhao are well worth visiting as there are bargains of all sorts to be found there. Shop keepers pay lower rents in-land than do their counterparts on the seafront, and that makes everything cheaper.

Pattaya Maps; three distinct areas

Looking at the map in its entirety is a bit burdensome on the eye and it doesn't help to get a feel for the place. I like to divide the map into the three distinct areas shown i.e. North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, and Walking Street areas. Zoomed in maps of these areas, with extra detail, are provided via the links at the bottom of the page.

As well as the three main areas, I've provided two other zoomed in maps. The first focuses on the main gay nightspots in Pattaya. The second zooms in on the location of the ferries that can take you to the offshore islands.

Whilst they are not completely up to date, the maps do illustrate where most things are. Use the key to understand the symbols on the map.

Each of the three main areas is like a resort in itself; if each area was geographically located miles away from anywhere else, each one would still be a vacation destination well worth visiting! Each area is packed full with stuff to see and do.

Map of Pattaya Thailand; related pages

As I mentioned above, Pattaya can be divided up into distinct areas of interest. The links below will take you to a zoomed in detailed map of Pattaya relating to each of the distinct areas:

North Pattaya Map; this area is home to the infamous Soi Six. Also to be found are beer bar complexes and the ladyboy cabarets 'Alcazar' and 'Tiffanys'. There is also a good shopping centre and some of the biggest massage parlours. The beach in north Pattaya is a bit cleaner too.

Central Pattaya Thailand Map; you can find some of the best nightlife in the world in central Pattaya. Soi 7 and Soi 8 Pattaya are really good. Soi Buakhao and all of the areas near to it can also be found here. The best shopping centre is here too.

Walking Street Map; this is home to the world famous 'Walking Street'. The nightlife here is second to none, you can find the biggest and best agogos here. There are some fantastic restaurants serving great food from all over the world.

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