Mercure Hotel Pattaya Review

The Mercure hotel Pattaya is definitely worth considering as your first choice. This is especially true if you are coming to Pattaya as a family. Being located on Soi 15 off 2nd Road, it is just far enough away from the nightlife that peace and quiet is assured at night. During daylight hours the hotel restaurant/pool area has a busy bustling atmosphere and there are often activities going on that will keep the kids amused.

The hotel is still located within easy walking distance of the main tourist areas. Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro, Soi Diana and 2nd Road are all within a 5 minute walk. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk to Beach Road and Walking Street. To get to 2nd Road you will walk through one of Pattaya's newest shopping centres i.e. 'The Avenue'. The hotel does offer a free taxi shuttle to 2nd Road if walking is something you hate!

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Mercure Hotel Pattaya; the good points

The price per night that I was offered when walking in to this hotel (mid 2012) was 1,600 baht. A good tip to remember is to always book online rather than just wandering in and asking... a quick online search for this hotel found prices starting at 1,200 baht. If you book for a week or more, you can usually get a further discount. At 1,600 baht per night this hotel is good, at 1,200 per night it is very good.

The rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished and the fixtures and fittings were all new. Cleanliness looked first rate too; everything was polished clean and shinning. As you would expect from a quality hotel, all rooms come with a balcony and I was pleased that the room also had two chairs and a table that could easily be used on the balcony.

The en-suite facilities were of equally high standard and everything was very clean and inviting. The units all looked modern and new. The only slight criticism is that there was only a shower and no bath. That said, I think most people prefer to use a shower rather than a bath anyway, but if you do like to unwind with a soak in a bath, I'm afraid you are out of luck here.

As I mentioned in the overview, the restaurant/swimming pool area is very popular with music and activities to keep you amused. The picture below looking out to the pool doesn't look particularly busy, but there was plenty of stuff going on behind me at the time (in the restaurant area). The sun was retreating at the time which is why I think the pool was deserted. The service level in this area was very good, and I think it would be a really good place to relax with the family. Overall, this is one of the best hotels in Pattaya.

Mercure Hotel Pattaya; the bad points

I can't really come up with any bad points about this one; I suppose the lack of a bath in the room might bother some people, and some people might prefer a location with a sea-view. Personally, I think that once you get to know where all the tourist areas are located in Pattaya, you would probably agree that this hotel is in quite a good location.

Mercure Hotel Pattaya; other points

I think that the Mercure hotel is certainly a good choice for families, and at this price, I think I might have to make it my number 1 recommendation for family guests. On the other hand, if you are not coming with the family, you might prefer somewhere that is located right in the center of the action. Even if that is not a priority, I do think you would almost certainly prefer somewhere that caters more to the single male than to family visitors.

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