Naklua Beach; a good alternative

I'll start with a note of clarification.... although I'm calling this beach 'Naklua Beach', it is actually the main stretch of Wong Amat Beach, my page about that beach excludes this area. Some of the very best hotels in Pattaya back right onto the beach here; you'll need to pay a hefty price for the good ones but they are worth it.

In particular, have a look at this beautiful hotel: Centara Grand Mirage

Most people think of this part of Wong Amat beach as being in Naklua. It is the only beach in Naklua worth visiting, Naklua bay, further to the north, is not a tourist area. It is more focused on commercial fishing.

The beach is located just to the north of the Pattaya Bay, it stretches for about 2km. You can reach the beach by just walking along the coastline or, alternatively, Soi 16 off Naklua road will take you to the northern tip of the beach whilst Soi 18 takes you to the southern part. This one is definitely one of the better Pattaya beaches on offer.

Naklua Beach Pattaya; how it measures up

Sand Quality. Generally it is of a high standard but there is patches of shingle here and there. Overall the sand quality here is better, in my opinion, than the sand on Pattaya beach.

Cleanliness. No real problems to speak of as regards cleanliness. This beach does get busy sometimes, so you occasionally get some discarded rubbish but it is minimal. The sea is clean and good for swimming.

Hassle factor. This varies a bit; you certainly don't get anything like the hassle you get on the main Pattaya beach, but there are some vendors floating around during busy periods. The availability of food from restaurants and hotels right on the beach takes trade away from mobile vendors. Even beach massage vendors have fixed locations.

Entertainment. You don't get the banana boat, jet-ski type of water sport entertainment you get elsewhere, but there is a different variety of entertainment available. There is volley ball, proper padded sun-loungers, on-beach restaurants/bars and better massage facilities than anywhere else. There is a row of tent-like structures with mattresses in them for massage. There are no 'happy endings' here... all is openly on view.

Beauty and Scenic aspect. Naklua beach is a gently curving beach with some impressive hotels behind it. The water is clear, and the sand is yellow/white sand. If you like wide open beaches, you will be happy enough here. I prefer my beaches to have more character with rock formations dotted around, but that's just personal preference... this beach has a beauty of its own. It is more beautiful than the main Pattaya beach.

Ease of Access. If you are based in the Pattaya bay area, you will need to get a taxi (pick-up bus) on second road. Most of them go to Naklua, but it is a good idea to ask the driver just to make sure. It takes 10-15 minutes to get to Soi 18 on Naklua road. You then need to walk down the soi onto the beach which takes another 5 mins.

Safety. I've never heard of any trouble here at all. It doesn't attract so many of the younger rowdier crowd so you don't get any alcohol/drug induced incidents. There are also no ladies waiting for customers, so the sex traffic crowd is also missing. In short, relax; you are very unlikely to get into trouble here.

Naklua Beach Pattaya; other thoughts

I recommend this beach, it is a popular choice and you'll see more families pitching their camps here. It has a different feel to Pattaya beach and it is a feel that I like. The lack of a road running behind it makes it feel more relaxed and less hectic.

There are a good number of hotels that back onto the beach, and these tend to have good swimming pools, sun-loungers, restaurants and so on. All in all, it is a good place to set up your base if you are taking your family.

The area has got some bars, restaurants, massage parlours, shops, especially along Soi 18, so there are things to do in the area. If you want the full blown Pattaya nightlife experience, it is a very cheap and short taxi ride away.

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