Nightclub Girl Pattaya; enjoy!

Nightclub Girl Pattaya; this is part 2 of a 2-part report on the girls that you will typically meet in a Pattaya disco. Part 1 of the report focused on the type of overall experience you would have with regard to meeting girls in a Pattaya disco compared to a typical disco in the Western world. This part of the report looks at the intentions of the typical girl you will meet at a disco in Pattaya with a little 'take it or leave it' advice thrown in. To go back to the first part, click: Disco Girls Pattaya part 1.

Is a nightclub girl just there to enjoy the party? In short, the answer to that question is no! The fact is that non-working Pattaya girls just don't go out to discos in the tourist areas of Pattaya, and they certainly don't go alone! A traditional, honest girl from a respectable Thai family would never, ever, go to a place like this. Discos are popular amongst young Thai people, but the discos they go to for fun play Thai music and the girls travel together as part of a group.

If an honest Thai girl took a liking to you, she would probably be too shy to approach you, she would probably ask a friend to enquire as to your availability. Even then, you wouldn't usually know who instigated the question. A Pattaya nightclub girl on the other hand will have absolutely no problem whatsoever approaching you... on that you can rest assured!!

If you are hoping to find the love of your life in a Pattaya disco I'd think again. Online dating is a better place to start; my recommended site is but even online dating has its gold-diggers that you need to be wary of.

Sexy Nightclub Girls; their financial strategy!

A nightclub girl in Pattaya is likely, though not certainly, to be just another type of working girl looking to make some money. If they tell you anything else, take it with a great deal of doubt. Disco girls are often referred to as 'freelancers', they have the same strategy as that of bar girls. They want you to fall in love with them and take care of them long-term (e.g. by becoming her 'sponsor' and sending her regular money after you return home).

It might be that these ladies are not full-time sex workers; many are either students or low-paid workers looking for an income supplement. Some choose to work only at the weekend. The fact that you met her in a disco, and have wandered off together without paying any bar-fine to anyone, can lead you to think that everything is real. The real kicker is that it just might be real, it's impossible to say for sure, that's what will gnaw at your brain!

My advice

My advice, as ever, is to enjoy the moment. If you meet a girl that you like there's no reason why you can't have some really good fun. If you treat the whole thing as an adventure in fantasy land, you will be fine. If you take it more seriously, and it's easily done, that's when things can get a bit messy. But, as they say in Thailand, it's up to you.

If you are intending to meet a lady friend of any sort in Pattaya, be sure to choose a hotel that is guest friendly. Most, if not all, will allow you to take a guest back for the night, but some will charge a fee (sometimes 1,000 baht per night or more).

Two good value hotels that I'm told will not charge for an extra guest are Sabai Resort in north Pattaya and Eastiny 7 on Soi seven.

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