North Pattaya Map

North Pattaya Map; area overview

The map of Pattaya below only goes as far north as Soi 1. There are plenty of attractions worth seeing that are further north than this, but I think that they stray out of the Pattaya bay area and into a place called Naklua. Naklua is very popular with German tourists and is well worth a visit, I will write more about Naklua in the Pattaya Beaches section.

The area I will focus on stretches from the beach in-land to Alcazar Pattaya, and from Soi 1 down to Soi 6,1. There are lots of things to do in this area. I find that the atmosphere here feels a little more relaxed and slow paced than the other areas, and it is my favourite place to go to soak up a few hours during the daytime.

North Pattaya Map; where to go

There are five main reasons to visit this part of Pattaya i.e. the beach, Soi 6, Alcazar Pattaya, Big C shopping centre and, last but not least, the massage parlours.

north pattaya ma

Use the key to the left to understand the symbols used on the north Pattaya map.

The map is not perfect; looking at you might think that the only place to find an ATM is on Beach Road!

In actual fact there are ATMs all over the place.

North Pattaya Beach is the place to go if you want to relax in front of the sea within the main Pattaya bay coastline. There are better beaches a little further afield, but if you are in Pattaya and you want somewhere close to hand, north Pattaya beach is, in my view, a better option than either the central or south part. It is cleaner, slightly quieter, and has slightly less street hawkers.

Pattaya Soi 6 is the hedonistic extreme in Pattaya. Night or day it is a bustling hive of activity. The bars here are nearly all 'short-time' bars. i.e. they have lots of scantily clad girls working in them and upstairs there are rooms you can rent for a couple of hours or so. No need to say anymore on that here, but click the link to read more.

Alcazar Pattaya is the main ladyboy cabaret show in Pattaya. The costumes that the ladyboys wear are very elaborate and the area is always packed with people taking photographs.

The 'Big C' shopping centre is a good choice if you like to do your shopping in a large indoor shopping mall. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good. There is a food centre here too if you want to stock up on groceries.

Pattaya Massage parlours; the parlours that you will find within this part of the north Pattaya map are very well regarded by those in the know. There are a number to choose from on Second Road, opposite the Big C, and also along Soi 2. The Thai Soapy Massage is offered in some of these venues.

North Pattaya Map; related pages

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Central Pattaya Thailand Map; this area of Pattaya has fantastic nightlife and some really good bargains on all sorts of things if you wander in-land a bit.

Walking Street Map; this area is home to the world famous Walking Street and its nightlife really is the best of the best. Prices are higher here, but the quality is high enough to make it value for money.

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