Online Thai Dating; Some Advice

The online Thai dating scene offers, as I have stated before, a reasonably good way to meet Thai girls. However, it seems that is not equally good for everyone. Quite a high percentage of online registrations at the dating sites are refused and, when you consider that these sites are turning down applications from people ready to part with money for their services, the question has to be asked… why?

It turns out that some guys are completely clueless as to how to go about approaching Thai girls. It’s fairly well known across the world that the girls of Thailand have got something of a reputation for promiscuity and some men seem to think that all you need to do to get a girl is send her an electronic message with words expressing just what you would like to do to her! Better still, send her a message with a photo attached showing yourself in a ‘ready for action’ erect stance! Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys out there that think that this is a good way to present themselves online. Obviously, it isn’t, and that’s why the dating sites refuse them.

It occurs to me that whilst these no-hopers are beyond help, there’s probably a wider body of men that don’t know how to maximise their chances online, so I thought a few suggestions might be in order. I’m assuming that you have got a brain, so I won’t bother with the basics about presenting yourself; these tips offer simple, effective guidelines on how to get success with online girls.

Firstly, when searching out a lady, it is a very good idea to ignore the online profiles that have pictures. If the pictures show an attractive lady you can bet that she is getting lots of attention, so don’t bother competing… there’s no need and you’ll get a better class of lady if you go after those ladies that are too shy to include a photo. Always remember that decent Thai girls tend to be quite shy and reserved and if they are too shy to include a photo this is a good sign about her character. Sending messages to the online ladies that don’t show a picture will bring a much higher response rate since they don’t get so much attention. If you are concerned that a profile with no picture hides a lady that is ugly, don’t be, there is no correlation between beauty and propensity to post pictures. There are some outstandingly beautiful Thai girls out there that don’t post pictures.

Second, your first message should be really simple and you should send it to lots of girls. Don’t worry about personalising your first message, it’s too early for that and it would be much more work if you had to prepare individual messages for each lady. 3 or 4 sentences is all you need; it should be a friendly ‘hello my name is…. I’m single and interested in Thailand…. I don’t speak Thai but would love to learn….

You should send that message out to about 20 or so ladies and you can expect a response rate of about 60 to 80 percent. When you get replies, you can prepare a second message that is a bit more specific to the individual lady but you should immediately ask for a photo at this point. Most will provide one and you can decide at that point whether or not you want to continue your interest. The point is that up to the point that you get a photo, you’ve done very little work. There are thousands of ladies out there, so don’t worry about the ones that don’t send a photo, there are plenty that will provide one.

At this point you are 90% there already; just remember to keep your messages simple and friendly. Humour is a good thing but don’t use sarcasm as it probably won’t be understood. A good topic of conversation is food – most Thai girls love to talk about food and it is a good topic to introduce your humour on. I read recently about a guy that jokes about eating a really delicious soup made from goat and iguana! You can try something similar but make sure you quickly follow it up with a message that you are just joking! The Thai word for delicious is รสชาติแสนอร่อย, if you add that to a picture of an iguana it should get a laugh or two back at the village!

You should quickly try to get her onto an instant messaging service or, better still, a video link. Before you do that, make sure that you’ve made a list of things to talk about.

One more piece of advice; you might run out of things to talk about online fairly quickly, so it’s a good idea if you are aiming to visit Thailand in the near future. Contacting a girl a few weeks in advance of a trip is ideal since, if you run out of things to say online, you’ll soon be able to meet her in person. Have a good read of my Thai dating section for more information about the dating scene.

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