Pattaya Bar Girl; have fun & take care!

Pattaya bar girl overview: In part 1 of the report I wrote about the kind of reception that you will likely receive from a bar girl in Pattaya. They are a very friendly lot and it’s quite a common thing for men to fall head over heals in love with them after knowing them for no more than a few days or weeks. That might sound crazy, bearing in mind that these Pattaya girls are working-girls but, if you have ever been to one of the tourist areas of Thailand then my guess is that you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The second half of the report is intended to save you some heartbreak if you are considering a relationship with a bar-girl. It will no doubt fail to stop you if you have your mind made up, but it’s worth a try all the same. Online dating at my recommended site is a better option for those seeking a long-term romance with a Thai lady.

If you are new to Thailand/Pattaya, you might be amazed to know that the sweet little angel you just spent a few passionate days with might well already have a Thai boyfriend, or even a husband whom she loves! What's more, the husband might know full well what his wife has been doing, and be encouraging her to do it so that he can spend the money that you have given her! Trust me on this; it happens with Pattaya bar girls.

If you like your women to have a confident, talkative, outgoing sort of personality then you are particularly at risk of heartbreak with a Pattaya bar girl. Outside of Pattaya, and the other tourist areas, Thailand is a very conservative country. Most people, and especially young women, are naturally quiet, calm, shy and reserved. Many Pattaya bar girls are the opposite of this and have probably had a lot of experience with western men, and that means a lot of experience as a bar girl. It's a lifestyle that takes its toll, not just physically after all the drinking night after night, but also mentally. It’s not easy maintaining a constant façade of happiness and friendliness!

Many Pattaya girls use drugs to keep themselves going, it's all bad news. Women often enter the industry naive about the lifestyle that it will bring. At first the excitement of it all might be quite addictive but, after a few years of having their hopes dashed, they toughen up and become completely unsympathetic to the emotions of rich westerners that really ought to know better.

If your girl is quiet and shy, and doesn't seem to know the ropes, you might possibly have a chance of true love. If she is new to the job, it is possible that her good nature is still in tact, but be extremely careful. If you do intend to continue the relationship after you depart for home, I strongly recommend that you hire a private investigator to check up on your girl to make sure that she is being honest with you. It will cost a bit to do this and it might seem a bit unnatural to even consider such a thing, but it might well save you a fortune in the long run.

Pattaya Bar Girl; my advice

If you can keep your head thinking straight, you can have a fantastic time with a Pattaya bar girl. Treat her with the utmost respect, and always pay your dues. When the time comes to move on, do it gently but firmly. Whatever you do, don't dump her for another girl that works at the same bar she does. This will cause real jealousy, and rage, and it might well lead to violence! If you start feeling any kind of emotional attachment, run like crazy! It is just too risky to consider anything other than a very short-term arrangement with a girl you meet in a bar.

Don’t forget, if you want something more long term it is safer to give online dating at a quality site a try. This is still risky but not even nearly to the same extent. If you take your time you will be able to chat to lots of different girls and you’ll build up your general understanding of Thai girls along the way.

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