Pattaya Beach Girl; be extra careful!

Your typical Pattaya Beach girl is, for the most part, amongst the most unfortunate of the working girls that you will set eyes upon. They tend to be the working-girls at the bottom of the status ladder, often being less attractive than the other girls, and not capable of getting work in a good bar or agogo.

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Some of the beach road girls are really not attractive at all and they look a little like they’re only one step away from reverting to outright begging. There are quite a lot of them too, despite ongoing efforts by the authorities to remove them!

Beach Road is also a popular hangout with ladyboys but you really shouldn’t go anywhere near them as there is a significant threat posed in terms of theft, assault and/or being drugged; check out the video below for more info.

I'm wandering off track a little, but if you see a street beggar with a baby, please don't give any cash to him/her. It is not impossible that the beggar is not the baby's parent, but has kidnapped the poor thing for the purpose of begging - such things really do happen!

Getting back on track, Pattaya beach girls tend to have fewer options in front of them and are more likely to accept the advances of men that the other girls wouldn't accept. That goes both ways, the typical customer of a Pattaya beach girl tends to be unwilling to pay the prices that the other girls want.

Pattaya beach girlsBeach Road in Pattaya is loaded with freelance hookers!

For some reason, darker skinned men are not seen by the girls in Pattaya as being as desirable as fairer skinned men. I'm not sure why that is, I think it's some sort of cultural thing. Even the girls see themselves as being more or less attractive based on their own skin tone.

I suspect that the attitude towards darker skin is something to do with the nature of low-paid outdoor work; if you do have to accept such work, the sun will darken your skin, which may be perceived as running hand-in-hand with poverty.

This is how darker skin used to be perceived in the UK at one time… I can only assume the weather was much better back in those days! In any case, the beach girls will usually accept the advances of these guys where other girls might refuse.

Another common aspect of dealing with a Pattaya beach girl, unlike other working girls in Pattaya, is that she may have a gentleman manager who will need paying. This being Thailand, that manager might be someone you really don't want to mess around with.

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It could also be her boyfriend; it might even be the girl's husband! Once the customer has sorted out the necessaries with the manager, assuming she has one, he can depart with his girl. He might not depart very far.... it is not unknown for services to be performed on the beach! That is your choice though.

Pattaya Beach Girl Safety Issues

There are two safety concerns that you should be extra careful of when dealing with the beach girls. First of all, as with other 'freelancers', if you wake up with missing valuables there is no return address to which you go to make a complaint. I've heard that this can be an issue, especially if you are already highly intoxicated! You probably won't get robbed, but it could happen so just be aware of the risk.

The second risk which I think is a particular concern with beach girls relates to sexually transmitted diseases. Since these girls are working freelance, they are not subject to the same testing that other girls are.

This can be a bit misleading and it might get you thinking that you are safe from such things if you stick with girls from reputable bars and agogos.

No such luck, whilst some bars do periodically require a certificate to show that their girls are clear of infection, most do not insist that the actual disease testing is done on the premises.

The problem with that is that it is very easy in Pattaya for the girls to go and get a fake certificate at the cost a few hundred baht! Caution on this one needs to be exercised at all times.

Pattaya Beach Girl; my advice

There are plenty of people that have used the services of the beach girls with no problems whatsoever, but I personally cannot see the attraction.

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They are, typically speaking, not the best looking Pattaya girls, and with the extra risks associated, I'd advise you to leave well alone.

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Another option, as mentioned above, is to have a look at online dating. If you do choose this option, it is highly advisable to brush up on your understanding of Thai ladies and their culture otherwise you will probably end up dating a gold-digger.

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