Pattaya Beach Girls; Questions & Answers

You report about Pattaya beach girls makes Beach Road sound like a den if iniquity; is it really all that bad?

Not at all; the best hotels in Pattaya are found on the Beachfront and some of them are of a very high standard… even the Hilton hotel group have built a very impressive hotel there and I don’t think anyone would call that a den of iniquity. If you want to avoid the working girls the best area is to the northern end of the bay, the beach is a little better there too.

Why do the police arrest working-girls on Beach Road but not the bars and gogos?

This is an interesting question with no clear answer to it. I think the answer probably has something to do with the image that these ladies portray of the area. The bar girls do actually serve drinks, collect bottles and so on so they don’t loiter around in the same way, and when the bar closes they go home, assuming they haven’t already gone to someone else’s home. For some reason the police don’t get involved with the bar scene and it may also be due to the fact that there are fewer complaints to the police about girls met in bars i.e. they aren’t going to rob you in the same way that a beach girl might, so they don’t pose the same problem.

You said that Pattaya Beach Road girls work on the streets because they can’t get jobs in the bars and gogo’s, but I’ve heard that some bars have tried to recruit girls from Beach Road, is your information up-to-date?

I said that they can’t get jobs in good beer bars and gogo bars, but you are on to something. As Thailand develops and becomes a richer country with a wider range of employment opportunities there’s a declining proportion of girls, each year, that come to Pattaya to work in the naughty nightlife industry. That means that there is fierce competition amongst the bars to attract the best looking girls to come and work in their bars. Some bars struggle to get any girls at all to work for them and it is these bar owners that are starting to try new methods of attracting employees – e.g. asking ladies that to work for them that at one time they would not have wanted anywhere near their business premises. From what I hear it has not been a particularly successful recruitment drive and most have failed in their attempts. Part of the problem is that there are just too many beer bars in the city, there are literally thousands of them but, even in Pattaya, there are only so many girls and so many tourists to go around.

It sounds a bit like Pattaya beach girls are a unique category of working girls, don’t other areas get these freelance working girls?

There are other areas that have these sorts of girls working the streets but not to the same degree. You might notice some along Second Road and just about anywhere but not in any great numbers. Sometimes they are there but it is a bit less obvious but you can get a proposition just about anywhere in Pattaya. I’ve even been asked by a motorbike taxi man if I’d like a massage… and this is in a place where there is a massage shop every 200 meters or so! The girls on Beach Road are there from early afternoon until late at night; in other areas you only tend to see street workers late in the night.

You mentioned that Pattaya beach girls sometimes perform there acts on the beach; isn’t that a little too out in the open, what if they get caught?

Yes, it is crazy to get involved in this sort of thing and you will be prosecuted if you get caught. It seems that some people either enjoy the risk element or they get too drunk to make a sensible decision but, whatever the case may be, it is a bad idea to have any king of illicit interaction in public. I’ve tried to make clear that having any kind of contact with Pattaya beach girls at all is a bad idea but this would be one step further into the realm of lunacy. The Thais find the whole scene in Pattaya to be much too out-in-the-open for their taste; a Thai man would not want to be seen with a working-girl and they can’t understand what they see Westerners and other tourists engaging in here. There is tolerance up to a point; I advise that you don’t cross that point by doing anything silly in public.

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