Pattaya Beach Road in 2015

Pattaya Beach Road is largely unchanged in recent years as regards the bars and other drinking establishments that you’ll find there. There are hives of activity, around sois 7 & 8 in particular, but there are also some more refined options available if drunken debauchery does not appeal. The Pattaya Beach nightlife itself is a little restrained and there are far more family tourists around who like to stroll around market stalls and the like. During daylight hours it will always be a main attraction simply because it runs along the coast.

The picture above shows the small complex of beer-bars that sit at the bottom of Soi 8 on Beach Road. It is usually busy from early in the afternoon until early evening. It is busier during daylight hours because there are actually some good bargains to be found there. I know that this flies in the face of all that I’ve said before about expensive rents near to the beach that force up prices, but the sheer number of visitors seems to make up for the reduced profit margins in a few of the bars. A bottle of Chang beer (330ml) runs at a standard 50 baht in most places, but I did manage to find a bar with Chang on promotion, the price was a mere 40 baht.

If you like a bit of hustle and bustle when you are having a beer then I recommend this bar complex, the popularity of the place usually means that it offers a good vantage point to do some people watching. On the downside is that it is also quite popular with Pattaya’s less desirable sorts... people who seem to like getting legless during the day due to the beer promotions on offer at that time.

This picture was taken from one of the balconies of the Central Festival shopping centre. It’s a good scenic spot that’s perfect for picture taking at my favourite time of day... just after sunset. There are a few rooftop bars/restaurants in the area including the Hilton Hotel's very own (worth a look but pricey). The rooftop bar that you can see in the picture belongs to the ‘Zico’s’ bar/restaurant. Cocktails are available there but prices are higher than those of the beer-bar complex in the first picture. If you go there you won’t bump into any heavily intoxicated, ageing fellows, in need of a good bath though, so there is some compensation for the higher prices!

Opposite Zico’s on the water-side of Pattaya beach road is the start of the market stalls that I mentioned. On some nights these can run the entire distance from Central Festival right down to Walking Street (about a mile in distance), and it draws quite a crowd of people (western women) that like nothing more than browsing along at a snail's pace. If you get stuck in the crowd, as can easily happen, it will test your patience if you are trying to actually get somewhere. Don’t go thinking that the simple answer to this is to hop onto a baht bus… when the market stalls are in full flow the road traffic also tends to get very congested. It takes ages to get anywhere regardless of whether you are on foot or in a taxi.

I’ll backtrack a little and head back in a northerly direction to the location of the bar above. It sits in-between Soi 7 and Soi 8 on Beach Road. The ‘we are the world’ bar has been around for quite a few years and it is a popular bar. There is usually a live music act performing there and although the under-roof bar complex behind it is a little run-down these days, there’s a certain character to the place that I like. It gets busy after sundown when the neon lights come on and it is worth a stroll through if you are in the area. It is a good venue to pass through if you are bar-hopping from Soi 7 to Soi 8 or vice-versa.

Pattaya Beach Road 'Oldest Bar'

My site is a few years old now and it occurred to me that nowhere on it have I ever mentioned the Tahitian Queen, the self-proclaimed ‘Pattaya’s oldest bar’. I don’t think that it is the oldest beer-bar; I imagine that there were drinking establishments prior to 1978, but some regard it as the oldest gogo bar. I can’t say as I’ve never ventured inside, but I have read good reports of it from Rock n Roll fans.

That’s the end of the 2015 Pattaya Beach Road update, it isn’t home to that many bars but as I mentioned above, it does connect to many of the most popular nightspots.

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