Pattaya Beach Thailand; Northern Section

Whilst the central part of Pattaya beach Thailand is not particularly good, the northern section of it is worth taking a closer look at. Please note that the main beach is just one of many Pattaya beaches to choose from.

If you would like to stay at a hotel right on the beachfront, you have some very good options to choose from. My favourite in the North is Dusit Thani Hotel due to its excellent location.

The dirt, rubbish and pollution that you can get further to the south is much less prevalent in the northern part of the main beach. I think the reason for that is because of the greater distance away from the beachfront Walking Street bars and restaurants that are located to the south.

The beach can be quite narrow to the south whereas in the north it is a little wider. That means that there is more dry sand here, and dry sand feels much better underfoot than damp sand. If you are going to visit the main beach, north Pattaya beach Thailand is most definitely the section to go for.

North Pattaya beach Thailand; how it measures up

Sand Quality. The sand along the main beach is about average. It is nowhere near as good as the fine powdery sand that you get in southern Thailand in places like Krabi and Phuket, but it is better than the sand I'm used to in my native country the United Kingdom. It feels a little grainy under foot but, as I mentioned in the overview, there is more dry sand in the northern part due to the beach being a little bit wider there.

Cleanliness. I also mentioned in the overview that the beach is a little cleaner in the northern part. There are quite a lot of restaurants and bars that are built on stilts in the water to the south. As you might expect, this sort of thing is very nice and romantic if you are in one of those restaurants, but it does lead to a certain amount of waste ending up in the water. You don't get this in the north, so the beach is cleaner. Also, there are fewer ladies working on this part of the beach, meaning that there is less garbage, used condoms, beer bottles and the like, being left behind. Overall, it is fairly clean here but not perfect.

Hassle factor. This one irritates me like crazy; in some parts of the beach, especially the central part, you can't sit down for two minutes without someone nudging you to see if you want to buy something. You could be wearing ten watches or no watches, the watch salesman will still ask you if want one. You can't just close your eyes to it either.... these guys hang around until you answer.... sometimes one answer isn't enough, you need to assert "no thank you" two or three times! I've literally had 3 or 4 sellers, before, queuing up to try and sell me stuff!! Thankfully, north Pattaya beach Thailand is not as bad as the central part, but you should still prepare yourself for a quite a bit of hassle.

Entertainment. If you want water sports, you will be spoiled for choice in all areas of the main beach. There are jet ski operators, banana boats, a para-sailing operator. There is even a submarine trip for underwater viewing! Also, you can get a deck chair, some shade, and some food & drink on all parts of this beach. Be cautious with the jet-ski operators; there are many scams where you will be lied to that you have caused some damage to the jet-ski and must pay 30,000 baht or something ridiculous for the repair! The authorities are working to put a stop to this and are introducing a licensing scheme. Anyone operating without a licence will be in trouble, and anyone racking up too many complaints might lose their licence. All this could take time to become effective though.

Beauty and Scenic aspect. Pattaya beach Thailand might not have the rising rock formations coming up out of the water in the dramatic fashion that you get in Krabi and various places to the south of Thailand, but it is still beautiful. One good thing about it is that it is west facing which means you will get to watch the sunset here. That's useful for a nightlife dominated place like Pattaya because most visitors will be sleeping in much too late to see the sunrise! If you head to the north part of the beach just before six o'clock, you can have a relaxing beer or two and watch the sun go down - what better way to start the night off?

Ease of Access. Not much to say on this one..... it couldn't be much easier to reach. Most hotels are within a few minutes walking distance!

Privacy and Seclusion. There is not much privacy and there's no seclusion. Like I said, the best time to go is just before six o'clock. Most of the salesmen will be packing up and most of the children will have gone. There will be plenty of adult visitors around but it is quiet and peaceful at this time of day.

Safety. No problem with this one.... there is little dangerous rubbish around and no problem that I've ever heard of with muggers. The beach has got a nearby life guard station but, to be honest, I don't recall ever having seen anyone working there! If you have kids, you'll need to keep an eye on them.

North Pattaya beach Thailand; other thoughts

I'm quite fond of North Pattaya and I think it is the best place to be during daylight hours. If you check out the North Pattaya Map, you'll find out what other delights there are to be found nearby. Basically, it is a great place for rest & relaxation during the day. As well as the beach, there are some really good massage shops, and Pattaya Soi 6 is another good place for relaxation of sorts!!!

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