Pattaya Centre Hotel Review

Pattaya Centre Hotel Overview: Located on the corner of Soi 12 and Beach Road, this high rise hotel has 18 floors in total. You can't really struggle to find it as it rises above surrounding properties. Centre Hotel is one of the older more established hotels in Pattaya and its location is good. You can access pretty much anywhere very easily.

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Most places are within walking distance, and there is a constant flow of cheap pick-up taxis that will take you south down to Walking Street, or North past Soi 6 on to Naklua.

Pattaya Centre Hotel; good points

I'm sorry to say that, in my opinion, I've already covered the good points i.e. its location. There really isn't much else to recommend. Personally I did quite like the lobby area of the hotel, but that is very much a personal thing, and I suspect that there will be plenty of people that hate it. It has an old style to it, it reminded me of a 19th century sort of look.

My advice, if you are also taken by the lobby area, is to have a good look at the rest of the hotel before you check in!

Pattaya Centre Hotel; bad points

First up is the price. When I walked into the place (mid 2012) and enquired about the price per night for a room, I was quoted 1,800 baht. All things are relative of course, there are plenty of hotels costing more than that, but it does set your expectation level. At 1,800 per night, it needed to compare well against other hotels in that price range.... problem is, it didn't compare at all well!

Second on the list is the room I was shown. It was very basic and looked like it hadn't been updated in about 30 years. There was no balcony and in some ways that was a relief because the view outside the window was awful. (Apologies for the low quality of the picture below)

This particular room faced southwards and overlooked some buildings set back from the main road. It looked a bit like a slum. To be fair, if you had a room looking west you would have an excellent view over Pattaya Bay, but I'd imagine that this would cost extra. Wi-Fi was available but, surprisingly for a room at this rate, it was not available for free.

Third point. Access to the higher floors meant that you really needed to use the lift/elevator. There were only two fairly small lifts in operation and they seemed to take forever to arrive and drop you off on the required floor. Not only that, they were not air-conditioned.... getting into one was a bit like stepping into a sauna. They also looked old and dirty.

Lastly, I had a safety concern. Running up the exterior of the building is some metal frame spiral steps. Access to these was available on each floor via a fire escape. My concern was that, on my floor, the fire escape was actually open allowing completely free access to the exterior steps. No problem for me, but I wouldn't be able to relax if I had children going to and from my room unaccompanied.

Overall this is, in my view, one of the worst hotels in Pattaya.

Pattaya Centre Hotel; other points

The swimming pool area was quiet for such a large hotel. There was a bar area serving the pool area but this was not staffed at the time I was there. All in all I'd say the pool area was acceptable but nothing special. You will find it on the third floor of the hotel on the west side of the hotel facing the sea. It did come with a very good view, but it was a bit on the small side.

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