Pattaya Climate

The Pattaya climate is tropical, as it is in all of Thailand. Pattaya is located almost exactly half-way between the equator and the tropic of cancer. It never gets cold, not even chilly, and overall the weather is difficult to beat. There are three distinct weather seasons in Thailand; 'warm and dry', 'hot and humid', and 'hot and rainy'.

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Happily, the climate in Pattaya is less extreme than in other parts of Thailand partly because it is based on the coast and benefits from a cooling sea breeze.

Pattaya Climate; the warm and dry season

Mid November until mid March; this is the best time of the year. The heat during this time is just about perfect for relaxation. On average, the daily maximum temperature over this time period is around 30.6 degrees Celsius, and it drops below 30 degrees in December. Temperatures during the night fall to very comfortable levels; you can go out wearing shorts and a t-shirt without feeling at all hot or cold.

The temperature is only half the story though; the other half is the Pattaya humidity level which is also at it's lowest during these months. The lower humidity makes the temperature feel much more comfortable.

If your home country is located in a cold northern hemisphere climate, you can make extra use of this season in Thailand by visiting Pattaya. This is because the best season in Pattaya falls during the coldest, harshest season back home! This season is the vacation 'high season'; there are more tourists at this time than at any other and hotel prices are a little higher. That said, Pattaya is still a really cheap place to visit compared with the other main tourist areas in Thailand. You will easily find a decent standard of hotel for around 1,200 baht per night.

Pattaya Climate; the hot and humid season

pattaya climate

Mid March to mid July; when the hot and humid season really gets going the heat is stifling to say the least. You can literally step out the shower, clean and fresh, into an air-conditioned room, put on some clean lightweight shorts and t-shirt, and be wet through within a few minutes of going outside into the sun! The great outdoors is almost like a sauna during the hottest times. On average, each day can reach a temperature of around 32.2 Celsius.

The Pattaya humidity level is also very high, which makes the heat even more uncomfortable. The climate in Pattaya during these months is much better than that of, for example, Bangkok. The inland areas, especially the urban inland areas, become very difficult to tolerate outdoors during the hot season.

The best way to handle the heat is to sit it out by the pool. Whenever you get hot you can just jump in the water and all is well with the world once again. Even better if you also have a cold drink nearby!

The Thai new year festival called 'Songkran' is held at this time (the middle of April) and, unsurprisingly given the heat, the Thai's like to celebrate by holding three days of water fights. Be warned, unless you are holding a baby, you are a target. It doesn't matter if you are wearing your best clothes and holding a big sign stating your loathing of water - you are going to get wet.... there is no escaping it if you venture outdoors during this time.

Pattaya Climate; the hot and rainy season

Mid July to mid November; the hot, rainy season is the low season in Pattaya. During this time there are not many tourists from the West. There are still quite a few tourists from the emerging economies e.g. China, Russia and India, but not so many from Europe and America.

The Pattaya bars during this time are particularly short of customers so, if you do visit during this season, you can expect to receive plenty of attention from the Pattaya bar girls because you'll be a highly sought after commodity!

The rain can be unbelievable during this season of the Pattaya climate; it can be very heavy and can last for hours. For the most part though, the rain really isn't that big a deal. It is usually quite brief, 20 or 30 minutes, after which the skies clear and the sun comes out again. The rain actually does a good job of cooling things down.

The average daily maximum temperature is not that much higher than during the warm season, coming in at around 30.9 Celsius, but the humidity is quite a bit higher which makes it feel more uncomfortable.

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