Pattaya Dating Site; Top Award

Let's be clear; modern Pattaya dating sites offer you the best option for meeting the prettiest girls unless you actually live in Thailand. Some men use them to search for that special someone, whilst others use them to find some no-strings-attached adult fun. The bar-girl scene in Pattaya remains popular, but it is not quite so abundant with beautiful damsels as it once was. Pattaya dating sites on the other hand...

The winner is:

> It has more ladies actively seeking western men
> It keeps the girls and the ladyboys separated
> It has excellent free services to get you started
> It has industry-leading services for paid subscribers

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

The ease of use that modern Pattaya dating sites offer makes them a tough option to ignore and, compared to dating sites in the western world, a good site in Thailand will get you lots of interest very easily; Thaifriendly stands alone as the very best of the best if you want to meet lots of eager Thai girls!

Obviously, the ratio of girls to men is important and this is one area where this site excels, there simply is no other website that beats it. The range of Thai ladies is extensive and you can easily find someone that meets your expectations because it is the largest Pattaya dating site with more women actively seeking out Western men than anything else online.

Naturally, you will want to make sure that your girl is in fact a girl. Most other mainstream Pattaya dating sites struggle to separate the girls from the ladyboys because of their inexplicable failure to offer a separate category for ladyboys! Only Thaifriendly offers ladyboys a section of their own and it works both for men wishing to avoid them as well as those men that are looking for them. There is also a dedicated team at Thaifriendly that actively scrutinizes its online profiles to make sure that each person is in the right category.

As for the girls themselves, you'll find all sorts available. Whether you want a serious relationship or just some casual fun, there are ladies waiting to meet you!

The free services that you will get as soon as you sign-up are perfectly good enough for you to get a feel for the site and all that it offers before deciding whether or not you want to upgrade to a fully paid up subscription.

How long does it take to sign up – less than 5 minutes!

Have a look at the box below; this is all that you need to complete in order to signup for a free account. You can do it under 5 minutes easily.

All you need is a few personal details and a description of yourself that needs nothing more than a few lines; something like:

“Hello my name is John and I am from England. I will be coming to Thailand soon and would love to meet a lady there who likes to relax and have lots of fun. I have a good heart and want to meet a lady who also has a good heart.”

Feel free to amend and then ‘cut & paste’ this description for your own use.

The rest of the signup process is just made up of a few details about yourself that you can complete by selecting responses from some drop-down menus; it only takes a few seconds to do.

When you’re done, just click the blue ‘submit’ button and your ready to go. You’ll be sent an email, to the address that you provided, which will contain your login details.

Pattaya Dating Site Paid Extras

If you do choose to upgrade at Thaifriendly, you’ll get access to all the Pattaya dating sites' industry leading facilities such as instant chat and live video chat. You’ll also be able to filter your searches very easily in order to find the best girls for you. These are important features and you will need them once you get serious about meeting the girls.

It is really important that you are able to properly chat with the girls online if you to have any hope of getting to know her better. The free service allows you to send a limited number of messages, but you won’t be able to message instantly… that’s the difference between messaging and chatting.

The video chat service is also important as it will allow you to see and hear your girl. It is not unknown for some Thai ladies (and Western men) to use pictures that are out-of-date and present the person in a slightly flattering way! Video chat allows both parties to make sure that any pictures provided give an accurate representation of the true appearance of both parties, and this will help you no end.

Don’t doubt that the lady on the other end of your connection wants to make sure that you look like your picture, the assurances given by video work both ways!

Online scams to be aware of

There are two sorts of scams on Thai dating sites, and it pays to be aware of them. The first is when a dating site itself is trying to rip-off its members, and the second is where someone you meet on one of the sites tries to rip you off i.e. gold-diggers.

You needn’t worry about the first sort of scam if you follow my recommendations above. However, if you decide to signup with a different site, look out for fees that charge by the minute… they can end up costing you a lot of money. These sites employ girls whose job it is to keep you talking, the longer you talk, the more you pay.

The second sort of scam, with gold-diggers, can be a problem. It doesn't need to be though; time and experience will equip you with the skills to weed out the naughty girls. Of course, if it is just some short-term fun that you are looking for then you have nothing to worry about from gold-diggers!

Happy hunting…

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