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It took me a while to figure out where Pattaya escort girls fit into the whole naughty nightlife scene, but I think I am starting to understand it now. The best escorts in Pattaya do offer reasonable value for money, and they do offer a great deal more discretion - it is that discretion that really sets these girls apart from the rest, and this is their unique selling point. You do need to make sure you find the right escort agent though; if you don't, some of these Thai call girls will charge you an absolute fortune just for their company! Anything more than the mere pleasure of the girl's company will cost even more!!

If money is a concern,
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Escorts in Pattaya; where to find value

There are some places that you can go to that operate much like any other agogo bar, but I think the selling point of the top-end establishments is that there is a much more personalized experience. They will offer a range of fetish type services and they are happy to cater for single men, single women, or couples. Some girls will also offer a fully bisexual experience.

I think you can see from this that they do fulfill a role, most couples that I know of would be very reluctant to start asking for this sort of thing from bar girls or from a gogo girl if they didn't already know that it is on the menu.

The better establishments offer both in-call and out-call options. The standard of room that you will use for an in call service tends to be much higher. The beds will probably be huge, there will be a large screen TV showing naughty videos, there will even be a range of equipment for use for the fetish aficionados.

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At least one establishment that I know of, 'Devils Den' on Soi LK Metro, is renowned for the quality of the service they offer. They offer a range of escort services including a V.I.P. bus service to and from the airport. There is also an in-call or out-call service. For disabled customers wanting an in-call service, there was talk at one time of providing wheelchair access, but I'm not sure if this is available at the current time.
In any case, as far as wheelchair access is concerned, most disabled customers prefer to opt for an out-call service. The outcall option is, of course, the main distinguishing feature of Pattaya escort services. You can easily arrange for a girl to come and visit you in your hotel room without having to trawl the bars for company. That makes the whole thing much more discreet.

Some Pattaya escort agencies even offer an airport pick up service! This means you get collected at the airport in a VIP bus. This bus will have a TV, a mini bar, leather seats, curtains on the windows, and two or more girls that will entertain you in style! These pick up services run either from the airport to Pattaya or the other way around for an airport drop off.

Modern technology is having a big impact on the bars in Pattaya... the best girls have always been reluctant to work in bars for fear of being seen by someone from their hometowns, but there are lots of girls online at my:

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The prices that you will need to pay vary quite a lot depending on where you locate your girl. There are websites on which self employed Pattaya escorts promote themselves with a picture and description of what they offer. The prices tend to be extremely high for this though; $200 US dollars for one hour seems to be the going rate!

There really is no need to pay anything like $200. You don't even know what that price covers, and you can't be sure that the photos used are up to date. If you do go for an escort agency, my advice would be to stick with a reputable company where you can have some confidence that the photos are realistic, the girls are clean, and the prices affordable (out-call costs should be about 3,000 to 4,000 baht or so for 2 hours).

Pattaya Escort Girls; final thoughts

Pattaya escort girls, for the most part, offer a high end service for clients that value discretion. It is important to find a reputable establishment from where these girls work though. It is possible that using the services of a self employed Thai call girl, via the internet, will result in dissatisfaction because there just isn't anywhere to lodge a complaint if things go badly.

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I believe that European girls are a popular choice for this kind of service, but I have heard that these girls are not the best company. That's only what I've heard though; you'll need to do some research of your own on this one. However, I do believe that you will have to pay a large amount of money to get a European Pattaya escort if that's what you want. My advice; if you do want European girls, go to Europe. Cities like Prague have girls that are much better looking, well behaved, and affordable!

If you are interested in finding a Thai lady for a romantic relationship, have a good look at my section on Thai Dating for info about finding a trustworthy lady. Don't make the mistake of thinking that your intuition about Thai girls is all you need in order to find a good one. Without some knowledge of Thai culture, with regard to romantic relationships, you will be like a lamb to the slaughter. Protect yourself by reading up!

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