Pattaya Escorts and Long-Term Happiness

There’s a false premonition about the intentions of Pattaya escorts (or bar-girls or gogo girls, or whichever name you prefer) floating around in the tourist scene; whilst most men would recognise that the new girl in his life isn’t completely on the level, many men mistakenly think that their girl’s number one priority is to gain a visa to the riches of Farangland….. not so in my experience!

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Many of these girls are not hell bent on getting a visa to your country, some don’t want to live outside of Thailand for even a short time-period, let alone permanently. It’s much more often the case that they would much prefer you to support them in Thailand whilst you head back to Farangland on your lonesome.

If you are able to up-sticks and relocate to Thailand and live with her here (and take care of her family too of course), so much the better but you’ll need a big budget to do it. I’m not even completely confident that this is the first choice outcome for some girls; many seem to prefer the idea that you go away, send lots of money, and only infrequently visit her!

What I am sure of is that most girls consider joining you in Farangland to be the third best option; it certainly isn’t first choice for most.

Pattaya Escorts and Money

Whether or not you’ll do it is uncertain, but anyone with any experience will tell you that you should reject completely the idea that you should send money to a Thai lady from afar; accept this advice, it is 100% sound. Any kind of long-term arrangement requires you to be on the scene.

I want to give you my two-cents worth about how to go about things properly and, for clarity, it doesn’t involve getting into any serious commitments at all. I understand that I’m now preaching to a much depleted congregation; but if you want to get the most out of Pattaya you’re going to need a whole new paradigm to do it with.

The happiest people I meet are not usually seriously attached to any particular girl; they tend to have a number of ladies on the go!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t see Pattaya escorts on a repeat basis, if you are respectful, treat them as friends and help them out financially, you can escape the responsibilities that come with a formal relationship. Just don’t do it on the basis that you only see the same girl; strong emotional attachment will surely follow if you do.

You might be able to satisfy all your emotional support needs with a crop of Pattaya’s finest, but your current paradigm will probably tell you that you want to share your life with a single special lady.

If that’s the case then fine, but you aren’t going to find someone with the virtues of a saint parading around in a bar, Pattaya girls are great fun, but it really is better to look elsewhere if you want commitment.

As I’ve written many times before, online dating is a good option, but the best way of all is to get away from the naughty nightlife and Pattaya escorts. Head off to a shopping mall or something similar; the girls you’ll meet there will be regular girls and, generally speaking, they are much more trustworthy.

In Pattaya, it’s better to make use of all the wonderful opportunities that are on offer and spread your wings. Make sure that each girl understands your intentions though; be completely honest and tell them that you are a 'butterfly' and don’t want a girlfriend. One of the worst things you can do, and one of the most heartless, is let a girl think that you are going to be her boyfriend if you have no intention of being so.

Another good way of reducing her intentions on hooking you as a boyfriend is to tell her that you don’t have much money and can’t take care of her all the time. I can almost guarantee that she'll still want to keep seeing you on an ‘every now and then’ basis.

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Some people avoid getting serious because they don’t want to fall in love (easily done) and decide not to see any girl more than a certain number of times, or they move on as soon as they feel themselves starting to develop any sort of emotional attachment. I don’t think this is necessary; if you like someone it’s fine and you should keep seeing her, just make sure that you are also seeing other girls too as that should hold any particular attachment to one girl in check.

After you’ve stayed in Pattaya for a while and you’ve built up a list of ladies you’re entertaining, you’ll find yourself starting to tread new pathways in and around the city so as to avoid bumping into people. It can be fun carrying on this juggling act but you should make sure that you keep your Pattaya escorts separate. Even though each will know that you are a butterfly, that doesn’t mean that they will want to meet your other ladies!

Pattaya Escorts and the Long-Term Solution

The naughty nightlife that many men dream of enjoying for a lifetime is not always everyone’s long-term happiness solution. It is only right for a relatively small amount of men; in particular those men that genuinely don’t want a girlfriend or wife. Most men do seem to desire serious commitment from their lady friends and that makes the naughty nightlife incompatible with long-term happiness.

For those men that value their own company, and that don’t want family problems to deal with, and that prefer the commitment-free lifestyle, these guys may well find that life in a naughty nightlife centered place like Pattaya does offer long-term contentment. I’ll be honest though, it seems to me that most men don’t want these things after a while of having them. If this happens to you, you'll probably start wanting something more serious and my recommended dating sites are worth a look at that point .

It’s a bit like the old adage – you only really want the things in life that you can’t have – with Pattaya escorts, all the things that you can’t usually have are readily available and after a while the novelty wears off! Where does that leave you…. looking for someone for a permanent relationship and, like I said, you really shouldn’t do that with anyone from the naughty nightlife scene!

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