Pattaya Girl; living outside of Thailand

If you are considering taking your Pattaya girl outside of Thailand to go live with you in your country, you must have already been through a lot of headaches just getting to this point. You may have married, paid a dowry, sorted out a visa for your Thai girl, arranged for accommodation and so on. Wouldn't it be great if you could now finally relax for a while? If only life was that easy!

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Taking your girl outside of Thailand to start a new life in a new country comes with a long list of new headaches to get stuck into. No doubt your girl has already given you a million assurances that this is what she wants, but the reality of life outside of Thailand is not something that your average Thai person enjoys.

I'll describe here some of the problems that you might encounter with Thai dating outside of the land of smiles; it is not a full list, but you can bet that the challenges mentioned will crop up along with a few others.

Pattaya Girl; problems you will have in the West

First and foremost, you need to understand that typical Thai girls are used to having the company of lots of friends.... I'm not talking about gentlemen friends here, if you've got to the point where you are thinking of bringing your girl to your own country, I'm guessing you have got the monogamy thing sorted out already. No, I'm talking about friends in the usual sense. Thai people in general are very big on friends and family. They don't like to do anything alone... just being alone drives many Thais nuts!

Loneliness is sure to be a major challenge for your girl once she leaves her own country. She's likely never left Thailand before, so the isolation that she will feel in a different country will be very hard on her. She will want to spend all her time with you, if you need to go out to work and leave her alone all day... that will make the problem even worse. When you are not at work, you will need to stay with her all the time. If you are used to heading out alone to see your friends for a few beers or to watch the football or whatever.... forget it! Things will be different from here on in.

My best advice is to put some real effort into finding some Thai friends for your girl once you are in your country. One way to do this is to head for your local Thai restaurant. Explain to the waitress your situation; she will most likely be happy to make a new friend herself, and she will likely have other friends that she can introduce to your girl. Once your girl has friends, you'll stand a decent chance of getting some time alone with your friends. Be careful with this though... Thai girls in foreign countries have got a bit of a bad reputation; try to scope out whether or not the Thais you meet are the sort of people you want your girl to become friends with. This won't be easy, but my Thai dating section will give you some guidance on what sort of Thai character to look out for.

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Pattaya Girl; other problems you may have in the West

The weather is another common problem. The climate in a cold country is something that a Pattaya girl will not fully appreciate until she experiences it... and she won't like it! Obviously this won't be a problem if your country enjoys a warm climate.

The food is another problem. Most Thai people I know like to eat Thai food (or Laos food if she is from Isaan) and nothing else! You might be able to find a Thai grocery store near to your home, but the food that they have won't be quite as good as what she is used to and there will be some things that she can't get at all.

The expense.... this might not be a problem if you are financially well off but, if not, the cost of getting visas and flights on top of the regular extra living costs (her Thai food will be expensive), will be a challenge.

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Pattaya Girl and Thai dating in the West final thoughts

There's not much in life that is worth having that is also easily won. Forging a successful happy relationship with a Pattaya girl outside of Pattaya (or at least outside of Thailand) is definitely a challenge. The thing is that she probably just doesn't understand what she is in for. It might seem to her like an exiting adventure at first, but the reality is, as we know, a bit different.

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