Pattaya Girls; Sex & Dating Fun

There's no denying that Pattaya girls are the main attraction that draws men to this particular city in Thailand. There is nowhere else in Thailand to compete with this place when it comes to the girls that will happily entertain you, and they are the reason for so many return visitors...

Yes, there are some decent beaches here and there, there is fantastic weather for most of the year, there is lots of tasty food and there are all manner of other attractions to keep you interested, but it is the girls more than any other factor that really puts Pattaya on top of the list of places to visit for a fun-packed adventure or two!

This section of the website is focused on providing you with information about how to meet these girls in the bars, gogos, discos and similar venues, and also on what sort of experience you can expect from them. Try a good dating site if the bars and gogos scene is not for you, and you are looking for a lady that won't expect payment in the morning! On a dating site you'll find that it is easy to meet up with regular Thai girls, and that they are actually a much better option for a holiday romance than bar-girls...

Working Girls in Pattaya

Back to the working girls... it's not just the sheer number of these ladies that stands out; they also have a genuinely friendlier attitude towards foreign visitors than the girls in Bangkok, Phuket and elsewhere. Pattaya girls also provide their services at much lower prices than the working girls in other areas of Thailand!

The best looking girls in Bangkok or Phuket might expect anything from 4,000 to 8,000 baht per day for all their hard work. In Pattaya, a mere 1,500 to 2,000 baht per day is the current rate.

The majority of the girls in Pattaya come here looking for work from the poor rural northeast area of Thailand, a region known as ‘Isaan’ (pronounced E-San). Isaan girls tend to be a little darker skinned than most Thai girls, and often they have long black hair.

It's up to your own personal preference as to whether or not you like your women to have darker or fairer skin but, in any case, you needn’t be concerned as there are still plenty of fair skinned girls to choose from. You will certainly find someone that catches your eye and you will most probably feel like a kid in a candy shop with all the options in front of you!

There's something that Thai girls do VERY well
and you need to know all about it!

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Out of an estimated 30,000 or so Pattaya girls working the nightlife bars, agogos, coyotes, and discos, there remains no shortage of girls of all sorts to choose from... but things are changing as modern technology now allows girls to discreetly meet western guys online without the need to risk be exposed as a sex worker.

You will even be able to find some Russian girls in Pattaya…. although I don’t personally recommend these ladies due to the very hefty prices they charge and the unfriendly attitude that some display.

One thing that a lot of Pattaya girls have in common is a baby that's being taken care of by their parents in their hometowns. This is quite a common thing and is often the reason why they are working in the oldest of professions. Babies aren't cheap after all, and with an absent father and expensive bills to pay, they need money and it has to come from somewhere.

Sex in Pattaya; Cultural Differences with the West

As with all Thai girls, Pattaya girls have some quite unique cultural values. Believe it or not, some of them can be quite shy! Thai girls are not raised in a way that leads naturally to an outgoing extroverted character and the availability of sex in Pattaya is representative of the extent of the prostitution scene there. Regular Thai ladies do not jump straight into bed at the first opportunity - contrary to popular belief!

If you decide to spend some time with a Pattaya lady, and you find her to be very outspoken, outgoing and confident, it's a sign that she may have been working in a bar for a while, and gotten used to liaising with westerners.

The shyness stems from Thailand actually being, believe it or not, a rather conservative country. Whilst there is some acceptance amongst Thai society that a bar-girl might be working in the P4P sex industry out of necessity, e.g. to send money home to a poor family, it is certainly not seen as being anything other than the lowest of occupations.

If you don't believe me on this, try taking a photograph of a girl performing on stage at a gogo bar; you will most likely be ‘encouraged’ to switch off your camera right away! The girls working in such places tend to be very concerned that their pictures might find their way onto the internet and be seen by someone from their hometown. Every bar girl will want to keep her occupation a secret from the folk back home.

Pattaya Girls; a few Words of Warning!

You need to tread really carefully with these girls; no matter how hard you try to avoid it, these Thai beauties will work their magic and be tugging at your heart strings when the time comes to say goodbye. After your first week in Pattaya, you will most likely find one particular girl that you like above all others and you will probably spend the rest of your holiday with her.

Be especially careful here, she will probably want to see you off at the airport, and she will definitely have tears in her eyes when the two of you part company. It is all too easy to start a long distance relationship from that point on, but I’m afraid that the success rate with these relationships is extremely low.

The vast number of Pattaya nightlife venues will give you plenty of opportunities to meet girls. But, if you prefer a more intimate way of meeting ladies, you might be interested in online dating.

My Recommended Thai dating site is full of ladies looking for both short term fun and something more serious.

If you are the sort of man that can switch off his emotions, you're a lucky man indeed. Drop me an email and let me know the secret! My general advice is to buy a new telephone/sim card when you arrive in Pattaya, and bin it on departure. It makes for a nice clean break when you have thrown away your only means of contact with the girls you meet here.

Why would you want to end contact? Because as wonderful as your experience undoubtedly was, the chances are that it is best left in Thailand. Your girl's sadness at losing you may well have been genuine; it probably was if you felt it was, but the whole experience is based on a bit of a fantasy. Treat it for what it is and enjoy yourself. That's not to say that a full-time relationship or even a marriage can't work, it can, but you do need to be aware of the huge culture gap. You need to make sure that your girl's dreams are the same as yours and, sadly, that is not often the case.

You will no doubt be aware of the large number of ‘Thai girl done me wrong’ stories out there, many are completely true. It's not that Pattaya girls are morally corrupt (although a life of bar work will take its toll), it is usually necessity that is driving their actions. This is especially true if she has poor parents and a baby of her own that needs taking care of. In Thailand, where there is not much of a welfare system, women take their family responsibilities extremely seriously. Sacrificing their innocence in order to take care of the family is not a step that they want to take, it is a step that necessity sometimes demands.

Pattaya Girls; working girl Categories

Obviously people can't be put into boxes but, broadly speaking, there are five types of working girls in Pattaya (six if you include masseuses, but they are discussed in the 'massage' section). Each type of girl has her own unique strategy for making her work pay:

Pattaya Bar Girls Part 1 | Part 2 | Q&A
These ladies can be found working in a variety of different types of bars and, as you would expect, there is some difference in the approach that these girls will take with regard to bringing a smile to your face. Generally speaking though, there are some similarities in the type of relationship that you might build with these Pattaya girls. Click the first link to the first part of the report to find out more about bar girls. The second part goes on to point you in the direction of the nearest exit (if a long-term relationship is on your mind!). There are better long-term options to be found.

Pattaya Gogo Girl Part 1 | Part 2 | Q&A
Want to know what to expect from a gogo girl? Click the link to find out how the financial strategy of Pattaya gogo girls differs to that of other working girls. If it is sheer physical beauty that you are looking for then these ladies offer you your best option… and you certainly get to see the merchandise before you buy! This page will tell you all that you need to know about these girls, and what type of experience they will likely offer to you. The report continues with a look at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to spend a bit of quality time with a gogo girl compared to other Pattaya girls.

Pattaya Beach Girl | Q&A
beach girls are one of two groups of working girls commonly referred to as 'freelancers'. They may, or may not, be working entirely under their own steam. Some have a male 'guardian' that will need to be dealt with (paid). Amongst all the Pattaya girls that you form an attachment to, this option is the most risky. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense at all to go anywhere near these ladies once you understand the extra, unnecessary risks that these working girls come with. This page explains those extra risk factors.

Nightclub Girls Pattaya Part 1 | Part 2 | Q&A
If you are getting a little sick and tired of the condescending attitude from the Western girls that you meet on a night out back home, the girls that you will meet in a Pattaya nightclub might be just what the doctor ordered! They are often full-time students, or even girls with regular low-paid work, who need a bit of an income top up. These Pattaya girls tend to work less often and sometimes they only work on weekends. These nightclub girls form the second group of ‘freelancers’ and, as with the Beach Road girls, there are some extra risks that come with them. On the whole though, they are much safer to be with than Beach girls.

Pattaya Escort Girls Part 1 | Part 2
The key selling point for these Thai call girls is the discretion that they offer to their customers. They will happily cater for a wide range of clients and fantasies. Prices are higher, but the services tend to be more high-end in terms of quality. They are popular with couples and with disabled clients and anyone that might want a different option to picking up girls in the bars and similar venues. The second part of the report offers my guidance about how to enjoy the single-life in Pattaya on a long-term basis, and what sort of men it tends to suit. Believe or not, it doesn’t suit everyone in the long run!

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