Pattaya Gogo Girls; Questions & Answers

What are a Pattaya gogo girls?

I may as well start with the most basic question of all, since the term ‘gogo’ is not commonly used in some parts of the world it might be a little unfamiliar to some readers. In short, a gogo girl is a stripper and a gogo bar is where she works. The vast majority are prostitutes but there is an increasing number of girls that are not. They are sometimes called ‘agency girls’ and they tend to be dancers rather than strippers.

Gogo bars are more extreme than beer-bars; how do shy, quiet girls from poor rural areas of Thailand end up on stage?

I’ve given some information about this on other pages but it is well worth reiterating here. Any girl that performs on stage in a gogo bar is no newcomer to the sex trade. You should keep that one fact in your mind because the implication is that Pattaya gogo girls have had long-term exposure to a line of work that changes a person’s character. What may once have been a sweet, innocent, good natured lady from a sleepy village in rural Thailand is now a professional hardcore working-girl. If you get emotionally attached to one of these ladies, you will almost certainly get scammed.

A more usual route to this kind of work is to start by either serving drinks in the gogo bar or some other role off-stage. Another route is to start off working in a beer-bar and progress from there. Both routes gradually desensitize the girls to actions that they would once never have considered. It is a shame, but it is a reality of life in Thailand.

Bangkok is only a 2-hour drive from Pattaya, why do the girls work in Pattaya for wages that are so much lower than in Bangkok?

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, whilst earnings are lower in Pattaya so too are costs so you don’t need to earn as much. Secondly, perceptions play a part and some girls just think that Pattaya offers a better opportunity. Third, many of the girls want to keep their work a secret and they may think that are more likely to be spotted in Bangkok by someone they know. Fourth, wherever a girl goes, you can bet that she went there because she has a friend working in the same place. Many of the girls have a deep mistrust of the other girls that they don’t know. Once a girl has settled into a place, she’s unlikely to uproot herself and head off somewhere different alone – even if she knows the pay is better there.

You always need to take a shower before getting up close and personal with Pattaya gogo girls, can they be trusted not to raid my wallet when I’m in the shower?

This thought has crossed the mind of virtually every man as he has stepped into that shower! Of course there is a risk, but instances of foul play are very rare. If you happen to be heavily intoxicated at the time then an opportunist thief might have a go but, for the most part, the girls would be afraid that you might step out of the shower and check your pockets. In fact, you don’t usually pay until after the deed is done, so you could easily notice then if all was not in order. In short, you are quite safe so long as you are not too drunk!

If a girl did make an unauthorised withdrawal from your wallet and you found out, you would obviously make a complaint to the management. The management would probably take the girl’s side of the story and kick you out but there would still be consequences for the girl.

The last thing that a gogo bar wants these days is angry customers. There is fierce competition for customers and any bar that is well managed will want to keep the punters happy. Another piece of advice then is to stick to the busier, better managed bars.

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