Pattaya Gogo Girl Charms

This is the second half of a report on Pattaya gogo girls. The first half explains all about the financial strategy that the gogo girls use to maximize their incomes. These Pattaya girls are usually the most attractive available and that guarantees the popularity of these places. There are some disadvantages though, the most obvious being the cost. To find out more, click the link to go back to part one: Gogo Girl (part 1 of 2)

Gogo Girl; Advantages and Disadvantages

I mentioned in part 1 that the quality of the service you get from a gogo girl compared to a beer bar girl is a little more business like; obviously every girl is unique and so service standards do vary, but in general the standard of service is not good if you are looking for enthusiasm from your chosen lady! Her general confidence will mean that she can talk a really good ball-game whilst you are sat with her 'downstairs', but once you are 'upstairs' the girl will rarely deliver the delights that you will be expecting. Her game-plan now is to get you sorted out ASAP so that she can get back downstairs in search of her next customer and her next payment.

Pattaya gogo girls can be a bit cheeky too. Whilst you may have paid for two hours, once you have dispensed your love once, they will likely want to leave. You may have to insist that you get your full 2 hours and that will only make for a frosty atmosphere from that point on. Where many bar girls are often shy to ask for money, you need to pay a gogo girl upfront. After she delivers a rather poor service, and starts to pack up ahead of schedule, she probably won't hesitate to suggest that a sizable tip is in order too!

The news is not all bad; there are some advantages to Pattaya gogo girls. As already mentioned, they tend to be the best looking girls available and you certainly get to see the merchandise that's on offer. If you just want a brief encounter then these girls are well suited as you also won't have any trouble getting away from her when the time comes i.e. in comparison to a bar girl, a gogo girl will not be at all 'clingy' when you need to get away.

If money is not a problem for you, you can still get a quality service from a gogo girl if you go for the 'long-time' option i.e. you take her out of the gogo bar and spend a few days with her. This is not guaranteed so it's advisable to spend a bit of time talking to her to get a feel for whether or not she would be good company on a long-time arrangement.

Taking a gogo girl long-time will be expensive, but I think that if she is well paid, she'd probably prefer to get a few days out of the bar and go off with you. She might even revert to the bar girl strategy and start trying to make you fall in love with her, which means you could be in for some fun! If she does try that, whatever you do, don't fall for it. It is a recipe for disaster, and an expensive disaster at that!

Where to find a good Pattaya Gogo Bar

There are gogo bars dotted around Pattaya in all the nightlife hotspots but I think that the most attractive Pattaya girls tend to work in gogos near Walking Street or on Soi LK Metro. I've found that the gogo bars actually on Walking Street aren't the best, although there are exceptions, but the gogos on the side streets joining Walking Street are very good. Soi LK Metro is smaller (see picture above), but the gogo girls that work there are well above average in the looks department.

A good place to get a gogo girl type experience in Pattaya during daylight hours is Soi 6. The bars there are sort of halfway between a beer-bar and a gogo bar. Short-time (up to 2 hours) is the standard service, and the prices are much lower than in a gogo bar. You can read about all these locations in my Pattaya Nightspots section.

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