Pattaya History and the Modern Day

Pattaya History and Origins; once a quiet, sleepy fishing village, Pattaya has undergone massive change since the first American visitors landed on its shores in the 1960's.Those American visitors (army personnel resting up during the Vietnam war) started the ball rolling in making Pattaya what it is today i.e. the world's undisputed sin-city capital of all things hedonistic! The name 'Pattaya' dates back to an 18th century king (Taksin the Great) named Phraya Tak. After taking control of the area it came to be known as Thap Phraya which evolved over time into Phatthaya. This has been simplified by the international interest into its current form 'Pattaya'.

Pattaya History; Modern Development

Pattaya is now a heavily developed (and still developing) urban coastal holiday resort. Official Pattaya information records its population at just over 100,000 people. In reality it is home to a much larger number of people than that. This is because of the vast number of people that are working in Pattaya whilst being registered as living elsewhere in Thailand (usually Isaan in the North East of the country). Additionally, at any given time there are thousands of tourists visiting the area.

Altogether, the real population is difficult to calculate with any degree of accuracy due to the lack of sufficient Pattaya general information. It is widely thought though, that there are something like 300,000 to 500,000 people located here at any one time, depending on the time of year.

The peak season months of December through to February are, obviously, the busiest months so it is during this time that the population peaks. These figures make Pattaya the largest urban conurbation in Thailand outside of Bangkok!

Pattaya History; Evolution of the Visitor Type

Tourist information on Pattaya Thailand shows that the mix of people coming to visit is changing with every year. For some time now the tourist board has been promoting Pattaya as a tourist destination in new, emerging economies. Whilst it was once a place where the vast majority of visitors were Westerners, it is now very common to see Indian, Chinese and Russian visitors. Pattaya is growing up fast, and has already become a modern cosmopolitan city.

The nature of the Pattaya visitor is also diversifying. Where once it was the exclusive playground of middle-aged single male visitors, you will now see people of all ages, and of both sexes. It is even becoming a popular destination for family holidaymakers! All this is no surprise, the range of attractions is expanding all the time, and there are already plenty of things to do for all sorts of tourists.

None of this is to say, of course, that the traditional sex tourist has abandoned Pattaya. Far from it, Pattaya remains the party town capital of the world. Pattaya nightlife is vast, and it is difficult to imagine the place without its beer bars, a go go's and ladies. It just wouldn't be the same without them!

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