Pattaya Ladyboys & Western Men

Pattaya ladyboys are a big draw to a niche audience within the masses of western tourists that come to sin city. There are lots of western men who have had their first ever involvement with a transsexual girl in Thailand and some intend for it to be that way, others are just spellbound once they set eyes on a Thai ladyboy for the first time.

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These foreign men come here for an experience that is simply not available to them back in their own countries, but they also usually intend to keep the whole thing a secret, so don’t go expecting too many admissions from these guys…

The most common means of coming into contact with Pattaya ladyboys is via the bars and the street workers that hang around on Beach Road but these are sometimes a risky bunch to get involved with.

Safety should be a concern to you and you should know that that the Beach Road ladyboys in particular have got a very bad reputation for their treatment of westerners, and there are significant crime reports circulating relating to the bar-workers too.

The local news reports relating to criminal behaviour e.g. theft, drugs, violence and so on do seem to feature Pattaya ladyboys far more often than girls and that’s despite the much larger number of girls operating in the nightlife scene.

I don't blame foreign visitors for the secrecy in which they go about meeting Pattaya ladyboys; even in the most liberal minded countries of the West there is still a great deal of prejudice against transsexuals.

Pattaya LadyboysSome Pattaya Ladyboys on Soi Buakhao, looking for customers...

Very few people, none that I know of personally, would ever openly admit to any kind of sexual attraction to one! Happily for you, if you are interested in this sort of thing, the acceptance level in Pattaya is on a scale like nothing you’ll find anywhere on Earth; you will be able to just relax and do your thing.

It is not always the case that ladyboys are treated equally by Thai society in every regard; they are not officially allowed to marry and they are unable to work in some public sector occupations. Overall though, Thailand is the easiest place on Earth to relax and be accepted.

In this section of my website, I’m going to offer you all the best advice that I have been able to gather on the subject of Pattaya ladyboys. At the bottom of the page you will find links to information about the dating scene, escorts, massage, and the best ladyboy locations in the city.

Terms and Definitions

If you are reading this in the USA, the term ‘ladyboy’ is used in Thailand rather than the term ‘shemale’ that you might be used to.

It means more or less the same thing but with one important difference – the term shemale is considered offensive by many transsexuals because it is linked somewhat to the porn industry, and it’s not a link that is appreciated. It is best not to use it if you want to get up close and personal with a ladyboy… unless you want to get up close and personally beaten up by a dozen of them!

The term ‘Katoey’ is also common, and acceptable, in Thailand. At one time I had thought that a katoey was a ‘pre-operation’ ladyboy but no, it means the same thing and can be used interchangeably with ‘ladyboy’.

What are their preferences?

Pattaya ladyboys are transsexuals, i.e. men that identify with being female, they tend not to be sexually interested in other ladyboys. They don’t see themselves as being gay men and they are not interested in having sexual relations with gay men, they are interested in regular heterosexual men.

Since I’m on the topic, they are also not to be confused with transvestites i.e. people that like dressing up as the opposite sex but who do not identify with belonging to that sex.

As far as your own sexuality is concerned, the standard paradigm in Thailand is that being attracted to ladyboys does not mean that you are gay; there are lots of heterosexual men in Thailand that have had relations with ladyboys but who wouldn’t want anything to do with a gay man.

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Pattaya Ladyboys and Dating

When it comes to Pattaya ladyboys and serious dating, much of my advice is identical to that for Pattaya girls i.e. don't do it, any kind of long-term commitment is very likely to end badly!

I won't repeat the advice given in the Thai dating section or the Pattaya girls section, but I'd advise you to have a look at those sections for more info. As a quick heads-up, Pattaya is a fantastic place for fun times, but you are unlikely to meet anyone there that you can trust long-term. Online dating is likely to be your best option for finding a ladyboy you can trust.

When it comes to dating, the first question to consider is whether or not you would prefer to date a 'post-op' or a 'pre-op' ladyboy. Some Pattaya ladyboys that have had the operation to remove their manhood and have done so to take a closer step towards becoming female in a physical sense. Most ladyboys don’t go for the operation though.

The problem for the ladyboy is that, even if they are prepared to go the whole nine yards and get the operation done, the end result is still likely to be less than the perfect solution because it will mean that they lose a certain appeal to most of the men who are interested in them. You read that right; most guys that like ladyboys prefer them to be fully equipped pre-operation ladyboys! If you think you would prefer a post-op ladyboy, it probably means that you would prefer a lady altogether.

This means that the ladyboy needs to balance her own desire to be as female as possible with that of the desires of the typical men that they will meet. In the pay for pleasure scene, as you might expect, the majority of Pattaya ladyboys have not had the operation. Why do the guys prefer pre-op? Because they like to be on the receiving end of an encounter!

Beach Road PattayaBeach Road at dusk, the ladyboys will soon be out to play!

Pattaya Ladyboys and Surgical Operations

Some ladyboys are difficult to spot and are easily mistaken for being 100% female because they will usually have been taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) from an early age. HRT is something that is easier to arrange in Thailand than it is in the west, where a doctor would be more inclined to refuse such things until after puberty.

There are some visible tell-tale signs that an experienced eye will immediately pick up on when try to decipher the ladyboys from the girls. Once you’ve spent enough time in the red-light areas of Thailand the mannerisms employed are usually one of the first things that your ladyboy radar detects.

One effect of long-term HRT is that it becomes difficult to get an erection. Given that many boyfriends/customers of Pattaya ladyboys like to be on the receiving end of a romantic interaction, this does present a problem. The solution that most ladyboys opt for is Viagra, or a synthetic substitute, these are easily obtainable in Thailand.

HRT helps to develop smooth skin, female curves, and breast development whilst limiting excessive growth of hair. If the ladyboy chooses to undergo surgery, including a vaginoplasty operation, I hear that a good surgeon can work wonders and create a look that is very difficult to distinguish from a woman’s anatomy.

Large hands or feet, a slightly deeper voice, an Adam’s apple (you're unlikely to see much difference here), augmented breasts, a square jaw line, height, heavy make-up, over-exaggerated body movements when walking etc are all things to look out for if you want to identify a ladyboy.

Pay particular attention to the voice, it's the most likely thing to stand out as being not quite ladylike. Even with all the signs taken under consideration, you might not know for sure one way or another but, if you don’t want a ladyboy, you should make your excuses and move on to someone else if you have even the slightest suspicion that she is a he.

Pattaya ladyboys put most of their attention into the way their faces appear; hence the heavy make-up that I mentioned above. The face is a very important discerning feature and you should study it well if you want to be able to spot ladyboys more easily. As with the girls, they like Western noses and light skin. Many will have silicone noses. Silicone breasts are an obvious enhancement, but less well-known is the fact that silicone hips are also available!

Surgery Costs:

Breasts Implants - 100,000 baht
Nose restructure - 30,000 baht
Hip implants – 200,000 baht

And the big one...

Vaginoplasty - 400,000 baht

I think you can see that Pattaya ladyboys do not lead a cheap existence; on top of the list of expenses here, you need to add the ongoing costs of HRT!

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