Pattaya Massage; Sensual Thai Massage

Pattaya massage parlours can be found on virtually every Soi in the city. There is also a wide variety of different massage services available. Let's be clear right from the outset, massage parlours the world over have got something of a poor reputation. Sensual Thai massage parlours are certainly no different, and you can find information on adult massage services via the links at the bottom of this page.

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Pattaya massage is offered in all sorts of combinations, and no two massages are the same. Broadly speaking, there are five main varieties of massage to choose from, and some of these are often merged together creating all sorts of concoctions.

1. Traditional Thai massage
2. Thai oil massage
3. Thai foot massage
4. Thai head and neck massage
5. Thai body scrub

The Pattaya Massage Options

I've tried all of the five types of body massage in Pattaya, and I can assure you that each one offers a totally unique and different experience to the others. They range from being relaxing to the point that you might well fall asleep, to the excruciatingly painful. Ok, there's really no need at all for it to be painful, but it can be if you are too shy to tell the masseuse about the suffering she was inflicting upon you!

Thai massage is a highly skilled and historic practice. It is based on the idea that the human body has pathways (called sen) along which air travels from the lungs to the rest of the body. The masseuse will try to stimulate these sen airways by massaging your body at certain pressure points. In Thai culture, massage is considered quite a spiritual activity.

Pattaya massages vary in quality and it is difficult to recommend any particular parlour. It all depends on the skill of the masseuse. As a general guideline, if you want a non-sexual massage, avoid the areas that have high concentrations of beer-bars and agogos. There's a good chance that these Pattaya massage parlours are offering the adult massages.

If you have any intention of finding a Thai lady for a romantic relationship, you may well find that all your massage requirements are taken care of without need to bother with a massage parlour. Many Thai girls have got fairly good massage skills and will be more than happy to take care of you in that department.

Pattaya Massage; where to go for a good one!

If you have a good look around, you should be able to find an inviting enough parlour. Some offer other services such as exercise facilities, spa/sauna, steam room, food etc.

There is one such place that I like opposite Soi 6 (yes, I know I said avoid the areas with lots of beer-bars and a-go-go's, but this one is on the opposite side of 2nd road and feels distant enough). It has a good size sauna and steam room, exercise facilities and a food menu as well as the full list of massage services.

At this particular massage parlour, the massage room is quite large, and each massage bed is kept private by nothing more than a thin curtain drawn around the bed. The lighting is low, it is nice and quiet, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. On my first visit though, I did over-hear part of a conversation between a masseuse and her customer. In a nutshell, the masseuse was informing her customer that extra services were available!

This is a seemingly up-market establishment I'm talking about, so if happy ending massage is available here, I'm afraid I think that it is likely to be available pretty much everywhere. Don't let that put you off though, if you don't want that kind of thing nobody will pressure you into it.

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Pattaya Massage; related pages:

For a full description of the particular offering that you are interested in, the links below will take you to Pattaya massage reviews and my own personal experience of each one:

Thai Oil Massage; this is the most relaxing massage you can find in Pattaya, or anywhere else for that matter. The oil massage can often be the prelude to a 'happy ending massage', so be prepared for what may be to follow!

Thailand Foot Massage; the foot massage is a very relaxing massage if done properly. It is very popular and you will often see people in massage shops, sitting side by side, having their feet massaged.

The body scrub massage is a kind of combination of the traditional and oil massages. They tend to be the most expensive massage offered. Herbs and spices will probably be used to create a pleasing aroma.

The head and neck massage will focus mainly in circular massaging movements. The masseuse will primarily use her thumbs at various points on your head and neck.

For the adult varieties of massage available, have a look at:

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This report gives an overview of the kind of thing you should expect from the adult parlours. The report finishes off with a look at what services are included in a 'happy ending'.

Thai Erotic Massage; have a look at this page for my tips about where to find the right adult massage for you.

Thai Soapy Massage; whilst mainstream massage can easily turn into a happy ending massage, this one is a 'pure blood' adult massage about which there is no doubt.

Sexy Thai Massage; with Pattaya being world famous for its naughty nightlife, it should be no surprise that the happy ending massage is about as common in Pattaya as a bottle of beer!

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