Pattaya Soi 8, Beyond the 'Best Bar'

Pattaya Soi 8 remains a place worth visiting going into 2015. It is not as busy as it once was, but there are some quality bars to see towards the Beach Road end of the soi. As you move further up the soi away from the beach, things do get quieter. In particular, once you get to the ‘Best Bar’ you have already arrived at the last notable venue on Pattaya Soi 8. The establishments further inland are usually very quiet and I am unsure what the future holds for them... I suspect that they are not making a profit and that they will close at some point.

The beer bars in the picture were once some of the busiest that Pattaya had to offer, but progress stops for no one. The high-rise building that you can see in the upper left of the picture is a recent development, a hotel that opened its doors in 2012. The new development was built on land that was previously occupied by some of the best bars on Pattaya Soi 8; when they were demolished trade on the soi as a whole dropped off markedly and never picked up again. It is a trend that is likely to continue with land near to the beach being extremely valuable (meaning that rent is costly and that bars struggle to be profitable here).

Pattaya Soi 8 Wondercat Bar and Sexy Girls A Go Go

The Wondercat bar on Soi 8 is starting to look a little ragged these days; a few years ago it was one of the most presentable bars – certainly the most presentable on this section of the soi i.e. near to the midway point. I think a new lick of paint would spruce it up a lot but I wonder if the owner is reluctant to renovate given that trade is perhaps not as good as it once was.

I believe that the Wondercat bar is a German owned bar; the menu includes lots of German dishes amongst others. As it happens, I have eaten there before. I recommend the French onion soup... a strange recommendation you might think. A French dish from a German bar in Thailand, but you’ll have to trust me that it is a good one...

There is something about the Sexy Girls A Go Go that puts me off. I should point out that this is not a review or even a recommendation one way or the other... I have never set foot inside the premises. For one thing, this part of the soi is quiet and that means not many customers. Not many customers means not much trade and that any gogo girls inside the place will not often be barfined. That in turn means that the place probably struggles to employ the best looking girls.

This is only a theory of course, but another thing that puts me off is that I’ve only ever seen men outside the place holding promotional boards and so on. Most bars have girls doing this sort of thing. The final concern is that bars further along the soi from this point on are mostly ladyboy bars, and that makes me suspect that your average pedestrian here is either just passing through, or seeking an audience with ladyboys i.e. another reason to suspect that despite the name ‘Sexy Girls A Go Go’ it might not be much fun for guys seeking girls.

Pattaya Soi 8 near to Second Road

There is little more to add to this update about Soi 8. The picture here was taken from Second Road looking down the soi in the direction of the beach. As mentioned already, most of the bars on the left are ladyboy bars. Some of those ladyboys look as rough as nuts too, so be careful! The other side of the soi often has some tasty food offerings, with barbequed beef being my particular favourite – the cost a mere 10 baht per stick.

In summary, Soi 8 is best at the Beach Road end and, unless you prefer a bar scene that has fewer visitors, you should probably view it as an add-on to the busier venues on Soi 7.

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