Central Pattaya Thailand Map

Central Pattaya Thailand Map

The central area of the map of Pattaya stretches from Central Pattaya Road down to Soi 12, and from the beach inland to Soi Buakhao. Within that patch of land there are literally hundreds of Pattaya bars, restaurants, shops and so on. As with North Pattaya, there are several very good reasons to visit this area. The Pattaya nightlife here, the shopping, the bargains, the arts and crafts and the agogo bars are all very good reasons to visit.

central pattaya ma

The hotels that are shown on the map are not the only hotels around. For a more complete listing, refer to my Pattaya hotels section. You can book your hotel through my website via Agoda, and you can find full reviews and pictures of the most popular hotels.

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Central Pattaya Thailand Map; reasons to visit

The nightlife in the central area can only be described as excellent. You have lots of venues to choose from. Near to the beach, you could decide to visit Soi 7 or Soi 8 Pattaya, both are very good. Opposite 'Mike Shopping Mall' on Second Road you will find Soi Diana. This soi has my favourite coyote bar 'Papagayo' located on it. Further along Soi Diana you will find Soi LK Metro which is home to some excellent venues. Another option is Soi Buakhao which runs behind Second Road and has many good, cheap venues. It also has a ladyboy bar located on it. Many of the sois joining Soi Buakhao to Second Road are also full of venues, with beer bar complexes scattered all around.

Pattaya shopping in this area is the best of all areas. Not only are there hundreds of shops of all sorts, the best high-end mall is located here. 'Central Festival' is a multi-storey mall that houses many designer outlets. According to an internet search I did, it claims to be the biggest seafront shopping mall in Asia. It is certainly big, and will be more than enough to cater for even the most dedicated shoppers.

The bargains to be found around Soi Buakhao are really good value. You can get some massages for about half the price you would pay in other sois. Food and drink is cheap too, I've seen beer for sale at half the price you need to pay on the seafront, and less than a quarter of what you pay in the most expensive places.

If you like arts and crafts, the soi running from Beach Road to Second Road down the side of Mike Shopping Mall is dedicated solely to this. There are paintings, pottery, tattooists and so on for you to browse around.

The central Pattaya Thailand Map area agogo Pattaya bars are great fun; the best ones are to be found on Soi LK Metro. This soi is a less well known little gem that is popular with expats and long-term visitors to Pattaya. Prices compare well against other agogos to be found

Central Pattaya Thailand Map; related pages

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North Pattaya Map; in this area you will find some very well regarded massage parlours that offer the 'Thai Soapy Massage'. The infamous Soi 6 is also here as is the best part of the Pattaya bay coastline.

Walking Street Map; if the nightlife in the central area of Pattaya is excellent, this place is exceptionally excellent! Walking Street, and the sois that join onto it, is the best of the best for nightlife. The agogo bars are very good, and the whole area is packed full of entertainment.

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